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Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi. 6 bilion(miliard) of man deserve death penalty according to jews religious law

vasiliosmardaris_saloniki – February 20th, 2022

You had six billions idol worshipers who makes God angry every second of their lives: Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand…so many
India alone is five hundreds (?) millions, China is two billions, so many…two billions Christians, which are idol worshipers
Between Chinese, hindus, buddhists and Christians at least six, six and a half billions people are idol worshipers that according to the Torah do not have they right to live…
idol worshipers; goy ! It’s their penalty: not only Jews, even a goy who bow down to an idol/ who believe in JC, deserve death penalty

2 thoughts on “Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi. 6 bilion(miliard) of man deserve death penalty according to jews religious law”

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  2. When God cast the Fallen angels out of heaven, they were beautiful angels, beautiful to look at.
    Once they were placed in Hell they have new hideous reptilian looking bodies.
    The same with the jews, once they murdered Christ, they became soulless and cast out from God.
    Their Gods are the fallen angels of Hell-they emulate them, they aspire to become more like them.
    They presence and their bodies also became as wicked, vile, and ugly and reptilian looking as their Gods the fallen angels and their leader: the top guy who brought about the rebellion, once the most beautiful angel, he is now the most ugly and hideous and to look at him would cause death.
    That is why Satan has come to earth, in his place. He is here on earth in a human body now.
    He is working for Lucifer and the jews are his hideous ugly reptilians looking (serpent/snake) minions, who are an army of Luciferians under Satan’s command. They do the will of their father the devil, who owns them as slaves. They have no free will. Every jew is born with a demon from Hell to control it. As it does more evil through out its life it ads more demons. They ones who do the most heinous rituals and adrenochrome activity, are the rabbis, they are all possessed by legions of demons, seeking to bring Lucifer’s kingdom of Hell to this earth. They are as Saint Padre Pio said: “the enemies of God, our souls, and all that is Holy”.
    When their tricks and deceit worked, using wars and the banking capitalist and their own jewish so called communist but in truth also capitalist system, to the world, and the world welcomed the jews as if they replaced Christ and became agnostic, atheist, and mockers of God and haters of Jesus Christ, or the worst: oxymoron Judeo-Christian pseudo-jews that worship the enemies of God, they brought this terror on the world. They are responsible for the fall of this Christian world.
    Lies put people in Hell, and people believe more lies than any truth today, and since the 6 million holocaust lie. Now Hell is coming, has come to earth. They own it now with the JEW WORLD ORDER of SATANISM. We gentiles will all be executed next by the Jewish WHO, the chosen executioners of the gentiles, the livestock, and our pets, using vaXXXinations, poisons from Hell in the air, water and food. Using Wars and finally the subcutaneous Tattoo and nano-chips of the Banking system: the mark of the beast. Even the vaXXXines have microchips in them.
    It is the Gentiles who fight wars killing other gentiles for the jews, and the gentiles who have been liking the ass of the jews since the WW2 propaganda, straight out of satan”s ass, that have destroyed this world, that was once of God.
    Giving the Holy Land of Jesus to the enemies of God, is why the nations of those did it and those who allowed it was a sin that is unforgivable. Those nations, along with Israel and the entire middle east will vanish from this earth and be taken down to Hell.
    Those nations are now totally controlled and governed and led by adrenochrome addicts.
    Soon there will be no truth allowed on earth, when that happens you will know, God is gone forever and the earth is one united with unholy Hell for eternity.
    You brought it on yourself when you befriended aided and believed the lies of the serpents/snake and ugly hideous reptilian brained soulless jews.
    When you did that you worshiped the Antichrist, the enemies of God, the killers of Christ.
    You became Antichrist yourselves when you did, and now you are also the enemies of God.
    When it comes, the Ball of redemption, know that you put yourselves in Hell for your abandonment of God, and allowed the jews who HATE and killed Christ to replace God in your hearts, and that turned you into jews. You are all jews now. Little mini mes of Satan.
    Stalin was Satan, and Hitler was Jesus.
    You all made your choice to worship the jews who are the Antichrist, and Hate Jesus who was Christ.
    With that choice you ruined this world and brought all this on yourselves.
    You did not have to believe the lies of the jews. They always LIE.
    They are of their father, the devil.
    Jesus came for them, as a last final chance, some were saved, but the ashkenazi, refused to be saved and they conspired to Kill him for Satan and they gave the 30 pices of silver to Judas, and they called for his execution. Since themn they have remained the property of satan and have no souls, and when a jew dies, they go staright to etrnal Hell. They have nothing of God in them. They HATE God.
    They are pathgetic and miserable from the time they are born and for eternity after, it just keeps getting worse, they become/devolve more and more every moment of time into the image and likeness of their father: the devil.
    They are Losers who have Nothing, but one life on earth as the minions of satan, then they go to eternal Hell. You allowed them to take millions with satanism/adrenochrome, and soon Billions in WW3, the VaXXXes, the mark of the beast, with them, to eternal Hell.
    Just like Adam and Eve: gullible, wanting to be God, rather than obet and serve and LOVE God.
    The world is about to Fall again. You had your second chance.
    You all HATE Mary, the mother of God, the only one who can save you, because the jews tell you to.
    Only she will will crush the head of the serpent in the end.
    Jesus has no use for those who do not respect and revere his mother.
    If there was no Mary, there would be no Jesus.
    She is the only way to reach Jesus.
    Satan wrote the protacals of Zion.
    Satan controls all the jews, and all those who worship the jews, who are: the Antichrist

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