TruthVideos1984 – March 28th, 2022

In that statement, Putin points out that Western Nations have stolen Russia’s foreign currency reserves and Gold Bullion Reserves (around $300 billion), and by doing so, worldwide trust in so-called “First-Class” safety of investing in the West, has been smashed.

He goes on to predict that people will now dump their holdings of Dollars and EUROS to safer investments like land, food, gold and raw materials.

“Russia sets ruble gas payment deadline”
President Putin says ‘unfriendly countries’ must switch to its currency by March 31
If you live in Europe, the RT link won’t work. But if you use a proxy, it’ll work.
(, choose “US1” server, paste RT link)

Russian Central Bank Announces More Gold Purchases as Move Signals a Gold Backed Ruble!

Kremlin Threatens To Halt Supplies As G7 Ministers Reject “Unacceptable” Demand To Pay For Gas In Rubles


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