SonOfEnos – July 13th, 2022

While speaking before the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin not only declared the inevitable defeat of the New World Order, but also encouraged a worldwide revolution against the totalitarian tyranny of the “Rules Based Order”. He basically says (paraphrasing) that the world is transitioning away from the unipolar Illuminati Triangle into one where people and nations have sovereignty, values and traditions are respected, and is based on democracy, justice and equality. Sounds a whole lot better than the shitshow we’re living through right now.

We The People of the world are reaching the precipice and are not going to suffer this absolute despotism we are living under any longer. It is clear, that the worldwide revolution has begun.

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jana · 18 July 2022 at 5:35 AM

Zelensky and Putin are both in it together, working for Israel, backed by China.
Beware of all ashkeNAZIS.
They infiltrate and destroy from within all the good and replace it with lies and falsehood and destroy any efforts of people to free themselves from evil ashkeNAZIS with their reptilian DNA .
They want to own the earth, when they are not from earth and control us and deny us any freedom or freewill completely and totally.
They have infiltrated the truth movement.
They fake being truthers by repeating what real truthers say.
However, they will soon eliminate in various ways all the truthers who are gentiles.
Alex Jones is an ashkeNAZIS and will lead the movement into a false reality.
Many more are ashkeNAZIS and are just infiltrators, insinuating themselves into the movement.
They will soon destroy all truth and replace it with ashkeNAZI tricks, traps, snares and LIES.
They used it in Russia and also in China, when they infiltrated the Revolutions there.
They will gradually kill of all the gentile truthers until only the ashkeNAZIS are left.
Then they will create a false pretend “good side”.
They will claim, Russia, China and Israel, are saviors to save you from the NWO.
The truth is, they are the NWO and always have been.
It has always been the ashkeNAZIS, who are antichrist and as such destroy this world.
What they call communism was in fact state owned captalism with the ashkeNAZIS as the capitalist class who wiped out the royals and replaced them with themselves, the same in China.
After their “rest” revolutions everyone was poor and tstarving, while the jews took and hoarded all the money.
The ashkeNAZIS promised america they could take them to the moon and got the power they have from it. They just faked a moon landing using cameras and rockets. They lie all the time.
Whatever they promote is secretly a scam with a hidden agenda.
Warning: Antichrist beast system incoming, disguised as the great reset.
Don’t be fooled.
The great reset social credit system is something else entirely, disguised as a social credit system. They will persecute Christians but call it a “social credit system”.
The real social credit scheme is secretly a plan for the elimination of all Christians, and all people of God. Since it is they who will not go along with the plans and conditions the great reset will implement. Those who are atheist or satanist, or leftists will easily adapt and consent to all the ashkeNAZI new plans which are Antichrist, anti-Christian, offensive to God and will all lead to the destruction of the souls of anyone who accepts their rulership over this earth, our earth.
They were created long ago by the reptilians who escaped or were already here when the others were cast out into Hell. They were created using reptilian/fallen angel/demon DNA. They are not human.
They know they are not human. They think it makes them superior, however, there is none more devolved, than the repltillians. They have everything backwards like all satanists.

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