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Putin Checkmates Banking Cabal, Russians Know They’re Fighting the Satanic NWO & Canadian Revolt

    SonOfEnos – June 9th, 2022

    Vladimir Putin has been quietly building a “New” New World Order that doesn’t include a world government or the Luciferian Banking Cabal and the vast majority of countries are already signing up.

    I did a deep-dive into Russian Social Media and found that the Russians are fully aware that they are fighting the Satanic New World Order, that this battle is Biblical, that Putin’s working with Trump and that their side is backed by God Almighty.

    Plus Castreau’s gun grab has blown up in their faces as Canada has it the magic numbers and is inching close to armed REVOLT against our treasonous and genocidal government. You’re not gonna want to miss this.

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    2 thoughts on “Putin Checkmates Banking Cabal, Russians Know They’re Fighting the Satanic NWO & Canadian Revolt”

    1. Amazingly, it is my intuition telling me to be on your side and to wish the other side more light in their life.
      Your words and the behavior of other great human beings, are the confirmation that we are on track.

    2. Russia, China and Isreal are consecrated to Lucifer. The Luciferian bankers, paid for them, and had them each consecrated in the blood of innocent Christians to Lucifer. And those same bankers still run those nations. The Pope a luciferian himself, did not consecrate Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary, it was a false satanic fake consecration, which a satanist Pope such as Francis could not possibly carry out, and was not even done as Mary specified. It was a Joke.
      Putin is run by the Chabad Lubavich jews, the antichrist people, who believe that Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in law is the jewish messiah. Jared is behind the digital ID, he will implement it. He is a satanist. Russia is only pretending to be against the NWO, to make themselves the hero of ww3. Both sides are one side, in it together. They just want all of your allegiance, which they can get with one lie: that russia is fighting the NWO. Russia is with China and will implement the Hell of China as the NWO model nation. Don’t be fooled. Putin is insane and he has no soul. No one at the top has a soul, they all sold their souls to Lucifer, to get to the top. All they want is to fool you into believing Russia as is the Savior of the world to replace the true savior. It is all LIES and manipulation. “They” have never told you the truth about anything. WW3 is for the 3 nations, Isreal,Russia and China to take over the entire world as the NWO, every other nation will become their slave colonies. The elite from every nation are one unit under the Luciferian Bankers. They are all in it together. Lucifer does not allow free will among his stooges. They are play their roles and do as he tells them to. These elite are the most unintelligent and boring people on earth. None of them is even capable of having an original idea or thought. Wars are fought for ONLY: the collateral damage they do to civilians and their homes and communities and their families and lives and limbs. Nothing else. If you don’t know that by know you are idiots.

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