XYZ | By David Hiscox – May 14, 2022

Sack them all. As far as normie political slogans go, it is about as revolutionary as it gets, and it is great to see. Freedom Rallies are currently being held all over Australia where the message is uniform – vote the major parties out.

Melbourne, Sack The All protest, Saturday 14/5/2021.

Every major political party in Australia supported lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Incredibly, just a week out from an election the major parties are trying to pretend that 2021-22 never happened and the lockdowns and vaccine mandates are a non-issue.

The size of these protests indicates that normal Aussies are not about to forgive and forget. They are marching in Melbourne:

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People say that voting will not save us. They say that the establishment media including the ABC only promote the Pepsi and Coke parties and the Greens and Nationals just cling to their hosts like parasites so voting is a waste of time. True, but if there was ever a possibility of change in an Australian election, this is the one.

By Jack Blackthorn – May 15, 2022

Never in Australian history has the establishment and their parties (Liberals, Labor, Nationals, Greens) ever subjected us to two years of home detention, experimental medication coercion, job losses, bankruptcies, forced medication mandates, police raids for Facebook posts, rubber bullets, choking, pepper spray in the face, tramplings, prevention from visiting dying relatives across borders, suicides and relentless media propaganda to divide families and friends. If Australians still vote for the major parties then voting will not save us.

Interestingly if you put a major party anywhere but the bottom of the list they still have a chance of getting a place in the election with your vote. This is where the brilliant work of the Put the Majors Last campaign comes in. Please share their videos and website far and wide. They explain how the system works and how we can beat the majors. They even have an interactive page to create your own how to vote card by inputting your preferred candidate.

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