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President Trump Speaks Out

    The Marshall Report – January 25, 2021

    President Trump issued a Statement from the Ofice of the Former President today. In it he tells us that he will continue to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing and public activism. Before everyone gets all in an uproar or woe is me doom and gloom, remember when Trump came down the escalator and he said, “I know their agenda and it is not mine.” It was at that moment he had my vote, for I knew he spoke of the world agenda 21. The key word(s) in this statement below, are “responsible for managing”; “official activities to advance the interests of the United States”; “carry on the AGENDA OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION”; “advocacy”; “ORGANIZING“; and “public activism”.

    Remember the military is in charge and they are completing a smooth transition. All things will be taken care of in a constitutional process.

    He let those with eyes to see, see that the corporation is now dissolved, he is fine, and now there is an office of Donald J. Trump as all presidents are allowed six months to get up and running. He is announcing that his is up and running now. So as this plays itself out. Fear not and keep your eyes on the future. God is working this entire show.

    Remember, draining the swamp is a world wide process. It was not just the corporation in D.C.. The swamp leeches out across the world where some strange things are taking place.

    Remember to look around and see the chess moves on the entire world board. There have been quite a few. Nothing is as it appears. Keep the faith and pray always. Remember all things to work together for good to them who love the Lord. God bless President Trump and our military. They have made strategic moves, based on intelligent planning and shown great courage. They did not shut down the CIA in Frankfurt for nothing. They did not secure all the voter fraud information for naught. Nor did they devise and implement a step by step operation that reached around the world to end human and child trafficking, end corruption and layout a succession of executive orders that gave the military power to seize assets of any foreign or domestic interference with US elections for the heck of it. Everything is playing out the way it was designed. We shall reap if we faint not. Be encouraged for THE BEST IS YET TO COME! God will do all things on his timeline.

    Dianne Marshall

    The Marshall Report

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