Sky News Australia – Oct 22, 2020

Victorian Shadow Police Minister David Southwick says Daniel Andrews is using Victoria Police like “his own private army”.

“In the people’s republic of Victoria, under Daniel Andrews, we’re becoming more and more like a police state,” Mr Southwick told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Power has gone to Daniel Andrews’ head.

“The fact that he’s locked us down, the way he has the enforcement that he’s using, he’s using Victoria Police like his own private army.

“People are fed up.”

Mr Southwick said Victorians had received more fines than any other state in the country, a total of 20,000 fines amounting to $27 million.

“Guess what, only four per cent of people have paid. What that tells me is no one’s listening to this bloke, no one takes him seriously, in terms of his laws, because they’ve been inconsistent,” he said.

Sky News Australia


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