Standing For Humanity – December 11th, 2021

(Fear the coming vengeance of creation for all of the COVID-19 Bio-Weapon injection agenda on Earth) and, If your country has bought Pfizer vaccines you can be sure Pfizer has cut lucrative deals with government officials in your country. India was one of the first countries to question the nature and source of the COVID virus, by reporting rigorous scientific analysis from Indian sources that ran contrary to flimsy scientifically-ridiculous denials often made by formerly-reputable western scientific sources to fool their own uninformed domestic audiences.

I don’t care what they believe or want because my ct-scan shows I have all accountable for alien technology in me and on Earth as shown on my website along with all my evidence I hold against all Intelligence Agencies, Military and Governments on Earth violating the authority of signed law document – referred to as the authority of the god’s document and violating my 1970 Invoking after I as a Navy Diver withdrew from the game after clandestine act under age.

COVID-19 does not exist – never isolated – a hoax to deceive People to destroy their immune system


DR Andreas Noack R.I.P. 26 11 2021 murdered – he exposed graphene razor blades in Covid jab

Decide for Yourselves: Watch this video and see the connections – Your Existence is at stake –


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