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People Dropping Dead on Live TV

    TruthVideos1984 – November 17th, 2021

    WARNING: Course Language

    BBC is now prepared to show the world the truth as the vaccinated are dropping dead on live TV and members of their own staff are dying.

    5 thoughts on “People Dropping Dead on Live TV”

    1. Always saying how rare these deaths and adverse reactions are = well they are not. In total in the EU = UK + US; there are over 50,000 deaths recorded on government sites for jab related deaths and millions of adverse reactions … these account for only between 1 and 10 % of the real like cases.

      Then of course you have all these people saying “I am not an anti-vaxxer”; well you ruddy well should be – because it is all a fraud to make big pharma and their political muppets rich. Look up 1) Gene Therapy vs Terrain Therapy, and 2) “How Psychopath John Rockefeller Wiped-Out Natural Cures To Create Big Pharma” – as an article or video and wake tf up, because we have been lied to and used for over a century.

      1. Exactly… this is all directly attached to the Rockefellers… that so many tried for decades to expose – being tarred and feathered as ‘conspiracy theorists’. It takes hours. weeks, months… even years to sift through the evils of this family – their ties and their greed.
        The connection to mainstream media… Media is all under their dark umbrella – as our governments, research facilities, big Pharma, and the like.

        I have spent the past 2 years in full on research – near 24/7 – to uncover the darkness. So dark, I struggle to stay strong at times – fearing I will drop under the weight of darkness. Balance is key… still – there is little time; we must keep the pressure on them – they are being exposed like no other time in history – and this time – THEY WILL NOT SURVIVE. They can drown in their coveted money and power – no longer do we need them. The People Are Awake – WE, together – across all nations – have risen to defeat them; And when the ashes settle – we will have a brighter, healthier people… AWAKE and thriving in OUR new world of DIVERSITY and respect for a multi-cultured world.

        Pray for our strength and perseverance. We are at war for all of humanity… Godspeed

    2. So what if ‘their’ goal is to depopulate the world. Who would win at this? The Chinese of course. With all of their people and the size of the Army and Reserves, the Chinese could invade small countries and rape those lands of resources they need. In America, no one wants to invade us because we are armed to the teeth with both long and short weapons and we will join together to fight anyone who tried to invade. The first sign of an big invasion will be a chemical or biological attack that kills off hundreds of thousands of people in a coastal area so the Chinese can land their Army with any reaction from the civilians. My thought is to get protective equipment and enough long range weapons and ammo to resist any invader. My recommendation is to get a .30-30 / .308 / or 30-06 because of the availability of the ammo and its knock down ability. We should honestly think about what happens if China or some other nutjob attacks us for what we have. Our Constitution allows us to defend our Country and we shall defend it.





    4. What a Beautiful End Message to the Video… ‘All I Want is Your Love’
      Thank you for the positive surrounded by the evil we are facing…
      Light will always conquer the darkness.


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