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Patents Expose Graphene Oxide, Wireless Transmitters – Dr. Tenpenny NUKES Covid Plan and MORE!

    Stew Peters Show Published December 30, 2021

    Rumble — BEST of 2021: The Stew Peters Show (December 30, 2021)

    Doctor Ariyana Love has been a recurring and popular guest on this show thanks to her many interesting theories about Covid-19 vaccines. Last fall, she postulated that tiny hydra animals might be included in the vaccine to alter people’s DNA and turn us all into a new hybrid species. And earlier this month, she talked about graphene oxide in the vaccines and the possibility they could be used to turn vaccines into wireless transmitters. Here’s the full version of hat appearance.

    Almost every sector of American life is full of censorship on Covid 19 and the “vaccines” for it. You won’t see a real debate on YouTube, or on Twitter, or on your google results page. You can’t go on Fox News and see a real cross-section of nurses and doctors telling about all the sick vaccinated patients who showing up in their clinics and hospitals. But on this program we’re willing to have any kind of conversation about Covid, with no censorship, no propaganda, no bullshit. So on this show, you can hear doctors like Sherri Tenpenny tell the truth about what they’ve seen. Here’s what Tenpenny said when we asked her for the truth about the pandemic last summer.

    We exposed the full extent of Vernon’s dishonesty and racism, and then we confronted him with it directly. He walked away from the interview and then called us racists on Twitter. But we weren’t finished. A few weeks later, we found former DeKalb County prosecutor Angie Kingman, and interviewed her about the other dark part of Jones’s past: His long history of using threats and intimidation to escape consequences for sexual abuse. Here’s what happened.

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