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Patent Reveals HIV in Shots – Doctor DEAD After Vaxx Discovery – Vegas Shooting FBI Cover-Up

    Stew Peters Show Published December 9, 2021

    Rumble — Remember the Las Vegas shooting? It’s impressive if you do, because bizarrely, it’s not something the press or the government ever wants to talk about. Fifty-nine people died in that shooting, including Stephen Paddock, yet even now four years later we have no motive. Despite taking place at a massive country music concert, there is very little footage of the shooting. Any time they can, the press frames a shooter as motivated by “white supremacy.” But Stephen Paddock was white and they didn’t really bother. Other than a quick push to ban bump stocks, there was very little chatter about Vegas.
    Mindy Robinson joins us to discuss.

    The left can’t admit that their precious vaccines have failed, so they’re tripling down and becoming more obsessed than ever with more shots in more arms. If a third dose doesn’t cut it, they’ll start mandating four. Dr. Ariyana Love of Finland has been one of our leading guests on the question of whether graphene oxide is in these vaccines. She recently shared some upsetting news with us: Dr. Andreas Noack, the German doctor who claims to have found microscopic nano-razors within a vaccine sample, has died, just days after his most recent findings.
    Dr. Ariyana Love joins us.

    Karen Kingston joins Stew Peters to discuss a possible HIV Glycoprotein found within the Covid 19 bioweapon.

    In the former democracy of Australia we are now seeing large-scale prison camps built in the name of stopping coronavirus. Yes, prison camps being built on what was, once, an entire continent-sized prison colony. Outside the city of Darwin, authorities are running a 2,000-person prison camp at Howard Springs.
    Mark Aldridge joins us to discuss.

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