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Out of Babylon with David Straight

    courtallen25 Published February 17, 2022

    This is 8 part series of videos presented by David Straight from the Out of Babylon Conference hosted at Church of Glad Tidings June 4-6, 2021.

    Before watching this series be sure to watch the Disclaimer video below


    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6

    Part 7

    Part 8

    4 thoughts on “Out of Babylon with David Straight”

    1. I have watched part of the first video. I have studied our current legal system for over 20 years from both inside and outside the courts. This person appears to be a gov shill with just enough truth to draw people into a scheme that will only get them into trouble in the courts.

      In my studies, the courts have never recognized such things a state-national or us national. The courts have recognized ‘citizens only of their state’ and ‘citizens of the United States’ fed gov. The courts have clearly stated that citizens have almost no rights.

      People who are only citizens of their state can constitutionally be held to answer in a judicial [ common law ] court. Those were all closed 70 years ago. The current courts are all legislative branch courts and they do not recognize constitutionally secured rights as absolutes. I have actually seen a judge threaten an accused with contempt for even bringing up their state constitution’s bill of rights.

      I have seen judges refuse to even tell people what system of law their courts are operating under. That is a due process violation.

    2. Davids great, everyone needs to get educated on these matters, i only need to translate this to Uk. I know similar movements are happening in the Uk and citizens are starting to become soverign men and women that Captain their own ships, i am eager to join them.

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