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Our Time Is Now

    thecrowhouse – June 4, 2023
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    1 thought on “Our Time Is Now”

    1. *Biden is the DS
      *Biden was giving all of our assets away to destroy our nation and weaken our military.
      *Putin is indeed our ally
      the only person denounce the Bide no in. He sent his troops in to liberate the Ukrain people.
      *Putins troops saved 35,000 children from being trafficked.
      * MSM failed to mention the hospital that was destroyed was actually abandoned and being used to store weapons of mass destruction.
      *NATO THE DEEP STATE is who you should fear instead of the man that gave up his life for the Americans and the rest of the countries. DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE PROVIDING DISINFORMATION.
      * Trump has made good on 100% PROMISES MADE PROMISES KEPT!
      *MSM are paid operatives to lie to all of the people of this earth.
      * Get ready the militaries across the globe are working together. When they post up in the cities here in the near future. They will be taking out the Deep State and liberating all countries. Get ready for sovereignty!
      ⭐️ Message from Q) The Storm Rider

      >Their public distance is important as over 20% of DEMOCRATICS are behind RFK and growing

      “(TRUMP ) most devastating debater since Abraham Lincoln ”
      _ RFKjr gives world recognition to Trump as the best informed and intelligent Debater for over the past 160 years since Lincoln .

      >not many know this but
      Robert Kennedy Jr. said Trump” ‘asked me to chair ( lead) a commission on vaccine safety”
      (The Washington Post shared this article and video
      January 10, 2017 with Rfkjr. In an interview)

      Immediately after the interview and RFKjr statement [ ds] MSM went into a meltdown and attacked RFK JR as a Conspiracy Theorist and an Antivaxxer and pushed for the narrative to remove RFK Jr from holding any public leadership role on vaccine safety.

      _TODAY RFK JR is running for President of the United States and publicly tries to distance himself from Trump and at the same time gives him admiration for being the best Debater.

      >>> BEHIND THE SCENES>>>
      _The STAGE was set long ago that Trumo and RFKjr would not work together ( though they know each other and talked several times but unknown to current internet checks) ….. but they are working together through a Mil. Alliance that is going after DARPA .( GOOGLE created by cia with Clinton’s]
      as RFK JR for President he WILL also go after GOOGLE DARPA ( by going after the vaccines agenda and censorship and fake fact checking that responsible for millions of deaths and millions of more deaths and cover up)

      >JKFjr is currently SPLITTING the DNC party Voters into divisions and SOURCES reveal JFK.JR has got inside MIL Intelligence Docs that point to the VACCINES and connections to GAIN OF FUNCTION and the papers that CONNECT Bill Gates. Fauci . BANKS, Pentagon. CIA. To creation of the VIRUS AND VACCINES.
      _ With TRUMP and the military initiating OPERATION WARP SPEED ( WARP means to bend or twist of shape that leads to distruction and SPEED is ( *MIRRORED) equivalent to DEEPS = DEEP[ S] DEEP STATE …….. BASICALLY,.] OPERATION WARP SPEED WAS MILITARY CODE THAT> THE WAR AGAINST THE DEEP STATE WAS INITIATED WORLD WIDE

      The DEEP State initial plan was to start a World war through Hillary Clinton and then at the same time release the virus and bring in the DEATH VACCINES IN until 2023 _2024 ( when enough of the REAL deadly vaccines were made and enough was created by 2023 ) …… But With Trump winning the elections things changed but still the virus was in so many countries prepared for release ( under ground laboratory in Ukraine. EU africa. ECT) and the CABAL still had to release the virus but much earlier than expected and with not enough death vaccines ready…..
      With Trump unexpectedly initiating the early release of the vaccines more than 85%% percent were forced PLACEBOS /Saline water/fake infectivre vaccines. ( Trump. Mil. Knew there wasn’t enough real DEATH vaccines made… But they had to release the vaccines in order to cause chaos through the DEEP STATE CIA SYSTEMS AND BANKING SYSTEMS that weren’t ready for the early release….*This caused massive confusion among the World Banks, pharmaceutical companies that weren’t ready and a COLLAPSE began as panic hit the Rockefellers/ ROTHSCHILDS cia plandemic lockstep operations and trillions were lost . Stolen . Used in the plandemic as ROTHSCHILDS. Vatican. Rockefellers. Elites through the world and China stole money from each other inside the confusion.)
      There were many reasons for the release of the vaccines operations under white hats guidance and the BIGGEST reason was is going to lead to MILITARY TRIBUNALS AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. ( this was always in the PLAN ……. One day TRUMP WILL stand before world military courts and give declassified information that connects the GAME THEORY OPERATIONS to exposing the [ ds]cia. [ Ds] mil involved with the creation of the virus. and how things HAD TO BE THIS WAY ( Q) in order to bring down the world deep State cabal)

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