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‘One rule for the woke, one rule for everyone else’: Murray

    Sky News Australia – Sep 3, 2020

    Sky News host Paul Murrays says the Victorian authorities have been practicing hypocrisy in the way they treated the Black Lives Matter protests as opposed to their treatment of potential anti-lockdown protests.

    A Victorian woman on Wednesday was arrested in front of her children on charges of ‘incitement’ after allegedly organising an anti-lockdown protest.

    Assistant commissioner Luke Cornelius said on Thursday he supported the action of the police who arrested the woman, adding people who were planning to protest Daniel Andrews were “selfish”.

    “Be assured, we’ll be ready for you, we’ll be ready for you not only in the city, but when you leave home and hop on public transport or use other means to get to the city,” Mr Cornelius said.

    Mr Murray said the police had a “completely different attitude” to the Black Lives Matter protests.

    Black lives matter activists posted their intent to protest on Facebook and 46,000 people registered interest, they even took press conferences, yet no one was arrested.

    Not only did the Victoria police not arrests the BLM protestors, they expressed their intention to support the community by “giving voice to their concerns and their protest”.

    “Both protests are pointless because they shouldn’t be happening during a pandemic,” Mr Murray said.

    “One rule for them, one rule for everyone else – and the only difference: wokeness.”

    Sky News Australia

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