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One in three of NATO member’s military reservists go AWOL

The Baltic state’s political leadership have been increasingly hardline on Russia | 11 Oct, 2022 18:05 Home

FILE PHOTO ©  Getty Images / Ben Birchall

A third of Estonian reservists called up for the country’s annual flash defense exercises failed to show at the assembly point, Martin Herem, commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, revealed on Tuesday. He nevertheless called the showing “quite satisfactory.”

These percentages are slightly better than usual,” he said, according to public broadcaster ERR, and acknowledged that “we would still like to get better results.” He stressed the improvement over last year’s flash call-up and noted that Finland had gotten similar results.

Of the 2,861 reservists called up for the training exercise, called OKAS/QUILL, about 1,800 showed up, according to Herem, who explained that a tenth of those called had not even looked at their summons.

That was no excuse, however, as Tallinn is very thorough when it comes to reminding reservists of their military duties. Notices are sent to reservists’ official email address – part of Estonia’s vaunted digital state – and often to their personal email addresses as well.

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