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On This Day a Legend was Born

    Gott Mit Uns – April 20th, 2023

    1 thought on “On This Day a Legend was Born”

    1. I will tell you the secret: when Hitler was here, all the angels of Heaven came with him and they built up Germany after the jews destroyed and ruined it in WW1, and it became heavenly and would have continued to become more and more like Heaven.
      BUT you imbeciles, traded that for the jews, and their freemasonry and the Illuminati, the fallen angels of Hell. Now look at the cesspit of filth you exist in, a cage you are prisoners of, controlled and enslaved by jews of the jew world order. Trans-national, global, world Jewry, the sadistic and cruel and psychopathic malicious, beasts of Hell.
      The real reason that the jews were always cast out is this: where they go, wherever they exist, so do all the demons of Hell, and the fallen angels of Hell rule this earth wherever and whenever the jews rule and co-exist with the children of God, the gentiles. Where the jews rule, Freemasonry/satanism replaces Christianity.
      When you fraternize and co-exist with the jews who are the enemies of God and the killers of His Son Jesus, you are no longer His children.
      Only when you cast out the jews, can the Angels of Heaven and Jesus Christ return to this earth and make it like heaven, a paradise like what Hitler brought to Germany.
      Wherever jews are accepted and allowed to co-exist with gentiles, they become demonically possessed, everything the jews touch becomes demonically possessed, they are magnets for demons, and they are every jew possessed by legions of demons, each and every one.
      The demons take up and take over EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE where the jews are accepted and allowed to co-mingle.
      That is why America, Europe, South America , Canada, and Australia are shit holes of all manner of vice and sin. The demons are everywhere that the jews are allowed to be.
      That is why after they Crucified Jesus Christ for their Lord and Master, Satan, they were driven out of the Holy Land and ended up in Khazaria.
      They are the antichrist, ever since they denied Christ at his Crucifixion because they chose to worship as God, Satan in his place. They will continue to be the antichrist and deny the divinity of Jesus for all eternity.
      If you accept the jews who belong to Lucifer, and are the enemies of God, you accept the demonic beings of Hell too, you accept Satan and all the fallen angels and their leader Lucifer.
      You can’t serve 2 masters.
      Most of you believe all the lies about Hitler, He was Jesus Christ returned.
      He did miracles for Germany and everyone LOVED him, and those who knew him personally, his inner circle knew he was Jesus Christ returned.
      But you all never knew him.
      You lick the blood soaked boots of the devil in his place.
      Now demons are in all things, the foul, filthy, satanic, shitty, Jewish art, music, the movies, the TV programs you watch, and admire. All your technology and science, will kill all life on earth, it is all demons and poisons to life, that you have chosen in great false pride, and replaced God with.
      Only LIARS get tricked also by LIARS, the jews.
      Only evil people worship evil and call it good.
      Only those who have black souls or no souls at all think the jews are ‘good people’ just like themselves.
      Now the devil owns you, and you will take his mark next, and fight his evil wars, and lose your souls serving the devil jews in their wars. At the end of that war, you will see all those demons, clear as day, as this world turns into Hell itself at the end.
      You are going to find out too late that all the lies they tell you about Hitler/Jesus are false BUT, every lie they tell about Hitler is true about the jews.
      They will do to you all the things they told you Hitler did to them, (but it was all lies) forever in eternal Hell.
      because those who did not know him will end up in the lake of fire: the second death.
      You despicable, idiots who hate Hitler, then hate Jesus, and therefore you belong to the devil.
      America and the former Christian free world is about to become a HELL on earth with all demons all of the time and no Angels to save you ever again. If you worship the jews, you also worship Lucifer, their God.
      All this evil in this world, you brought here when you accepted the killers of Christ and believed their lies.
      When you welcomed in the devil and gave him your nation, once one nation under God, it became what it is today, a foul, deranged and grotesque, cesspit of vice, sin and wickedness, one nation owned by Lucifer.
      That is why America will burn. It is about to become the lake of fire.
      If not for America, Hitler would have won the war.
      Everywhere they go and everything they touch becomes infested by demons from Hell.
      Now there are no demons left in Hell at all. So this is their new home/Hell on earth.
      You have only yourselves to blame for the shambles the entire world is in now.
      You Hitler/Jesus haters and jew lovers are to blame for the endless supply of children who go missing and end up as adrenochrome, ever since you gave the jews the former Holy Land of our Savior, who they killed and would kill again, your nation, and now, with their WEF, WHO, UN, and WW3, your entire world.
      If you could see all the demons that now exist on earth everywhere, even in Christian churches, you would be screaming, and soon you will be able to see them. Then you will wish you could die, but death will never come. The know, you are in Hell where all the jews you honor and worship so much in great false pride, all go. Where they and their demons brought you down to, because you believe their every LIE.

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