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Old Technology Tartarian 1900’s

    Inlakech – February 10th, 2023

    3 thoughts on “Old Technology Tartarian 1900’s”

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    2. The illuminati, who are housed inside the illuminati bodies, have no supernatural powers as God does, however, they do have technology and science, but it all is destructive to life.
      They can go back in time, but they cannot go forward in time.
      There time comes to an end soon.
      This lady form Russia talks about them:
      But know this: they can do NOTHING without asking God’s permission first.
      They can manipulate all who lost their souls today and at the end, all the way back to the past lives of those people, turning them to evil, even if in their past they were good, they become the devil’s property from the beginning of this era, if they leave God and destroy their souls.
      The past gets more and more evil and grim, as it becomes more and more technologically advanced.

    3. So where did tartarians go?
      Is there any evidence or convincing theory for it?
      Or did they go beyond the ice wall?

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