UKACTION – July 9th, 2022


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jana · 10 July 2022 at 2:23 PM

They were not vaccines, they were intentionaly injecting people with diseases.
I know of 5. The 5 have no cure. There will be no vaccines against them or treatments.
#1) Is the blood pooling disease, where blood pools inside the body, and people bleed from every orifice and their eyes. Death happens quickly, once it manifests.
#2) Is the blister disease, white blisters on the face and hands, kills quickly no cure.
The next is the marburg disease like ebola where the body disintegrates and turns into a pile of mush.
#3) Is the flesh eating bacteria disease.
#4) Is the Kuru disease a mad cow type of disease, that takes a long time to manifest.
They also put radiation in the vaccines to cause cancers.
There was a covenant between Israel and the pharmaceutical vaccines makers for all of this to happen. The ashkeNAZI are culling the population, they are ethnically cleansing the world, of all christians and then all gentiles. The gentile freemasons will be eliminated. Only jews and some Chinese will be left at the end.
Add the collapse of the economies and no food and poisoned water, collapse of Nations, and their militaries that have no defense against the new weapons that will be used in ww3.
That is how they Israel, China and Russia plan to take over the entire world.
God has other plans and these demonic monsters, will wish they had never been born, for all eternity
Don’t be like them, do not fight fire with fire. If you choose to be violent and hateful and vengeful you will become like them. Just believe in God and Love God with all your heart and you will have nothing to fear. Be LOVE, PEACE, and TRUTH, above all forgive and do not judge or punish.
This is all about choosing good or evil, Love or Hate, to be made in the image of God, Christlike, or be like the antichrist jews and destroy all life on earth like the devolved demonic psychopaths they are. They have no souls and no compassion, mercy or forgiveness. They have no conscience and there is no limit to the evil they are capable of doing. They are sadists who lie pathologically and habitually about everything. The want to control, dominate and genocide all gentiles and all Christians but their one true goal is to make you destroy your own souls, so they can take you with them back to Hell where they all come from.
If you have a soul, you will be in Heaven soon, and it will be all worth it. Only those who have sold their souls to get to the top, and serve satan will be lost.
Justice is coming. All the evil ones are leaving for eternal Hell and damnation.
If everyone would just return to God and pray, this would all go away.
It will get worse and worse until you recognise who the devil antichrist people are.
Until you reject the devil and return to God.
None of this would be happening if you did not leave God and stop loving God and one another in the first place, by following and believing the lies, tricks and deceit of the antichrist people.

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