Larry Hannigan – Tue 21/09/2021 6:31 AM

For anyone following the Court proceedings against Hazzard, the Hocroft vs Hazzard case was settled out of court in favour of the Plaintiff (Hocroft)  Thank you Anestis Mantzouranis. This was the case of NSW Police officer Belinda Hocroft who was told that she needed at least the first shot by September 19th or she would be fired and not be able to return to her work. Belinda was represented by Charly Tannous of Sage Solicitors who argued that Belinda, a mother of four, was very concerned about the long term effects of the vaccine and felt it was a breach of her right to choose.

This case now becomes a reference case for anyone else in the same position, and sets a precedent that proves that the Government claim of mandate is UNLAWFUL and INCORRECT. This should encourage everyone in the same position to hold on to your values, to fight back where you are being coerced and to know that you are on the right side of history! It sets a precedent for everywhere in Australia. We now have a reference. LETS GO FOR IT AUSTRALIA


A Dizzle · 11 November 2021 at 5:37 PM

Er, no, she didn’t win it was dismissed. Fake News.

    David Gotts · 11 November 2021 at 6:48 PM

    Actually, it IS a win. It was NOT dismissed. It was settled out of court IN FAVOUR OF THE PLAINTIFF, Belinda Hocroft. This is because Hazzard knew he would lose.

      Juls · 12 November 2021 at 4:21 PM

      Does that mean that it is not a legal precedent if it was settled out of court?
      Or would it still stand as a precedent for future cases?

        Lori K · 23 November 2021 at 12:48 AM

        If settled by the parties out of course it is not a precedent now or ever it is not even persuasive for the judge ( officially )

      Daniel · 14 November 2021 at 4:31 PM

      Now we need more court cases yo be lodged! The more the better! They know how to fight the cases now. Eventually, getting closer to election time the Government will cave! About time and we have all been vindicated!

      Lehani · 28 November 2021 at 4:06 PM

      It was NOT settled out of court. It was withdrawn by Belinda Hocroft. It says so very clearly on her solicitor’s Linkedin. Fake news is an absolute waste of time of those of us who are trying to sift through the BS.

Leanne Dunn · 12 November 2021 at 3:54 PM

We need more cases to win and get rid of this crap

Figster · 14 November 2021 at 7:04 PM

Does anybody know what the settlement was? Obviously not getting your profession back? I am a teacher in nsw, obviously can’t work any more. I would love to be compensated for loss of livelyhood and begin my own educational business.

    Tonya · 15 November 2021 at 8:18 AM

    If they mandate covid vaccines for school kids there might be a market for home education. Although I don’t know whether private babysitting/homeschool arrangements are affected by vaccination status.

Bruce Langford · 14 November 2021 at 10:29 PM

Doesn’t a settlement out of court mean that there is now NO precedent in the courts?

Bazzard · 15 November 2021 at 2:05 PM

Why wasn’t this settled in court? If this is true, then wouldn’t it be more socially responsible to take it all the way through the court system, versus hidden like this?

Helen · 15 November 2021 at 7:43 PM

I was elated to read of this decision but having read all the comments I am now co fused. Can someone please clarify if this is a precedent others can follow.

    Edward · 16 November 2021 at 10:16 PM

    If it was settled out of court, is it still a precedent? Why did she settle out of court anyway? Will she be able to speak about it?

Mel · 16 November 2021 at 1:25 PM

Says “dismissed with consent”?

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