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No Rules for Them & All the Rules for You

    liabilitymate – October 15th, 2021

    Liabilitymate also at Odysee
    John Wilson.
    Do you know any Australian Union Members. Then make sure that you show them this upload. Something that has become clear from COVID is that the unions have abandoned the workers they don’t agree with. What happened to standing up for the rights of all workers? They’re meant to protect the little guy, not do the bidding of mega-multinational pharma companies.
    Take note you cops. The Judiciary, courts, and political class that you have been thieving off the people for are throwing you under the bus and in with the people, you must take the jab but not them. They re the Aristocracy. WAKE UP and join the people. Your masters have always been the enemy, now you know what we have known all along you help us take them down or you die of the jab or go down with them.

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