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No Retreat, No Surrender, Hold The Line, Patriots FIGHT

    SonOfEnos – November 22nd, 2021

    For all my American brothers and sisters that want to organize the resistance, I know the perfect place to do so. My friend has developed a site that’s secure, allows for group video chats, and was set up by a US Veteran for organizing militias and other resistance activities. He’s a Patriot and former Army Intelligence, who realizes that we are at war.

    He built the site but didn’t have a way to let Patriots and Vets know it’s there. We just had a long video call, and he told me that his heart was telling him that if he built it, they would come… He just didn’t know how. Like I said, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

    Here’s the link —>

    Could be time to organize some serious Patriot shit o7

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