FalconsCAFE – November 3rd, 2021

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News Report 2 |Thousands of Doctors & Scientists Call for Halt to COVID Injections, Vaccine Mandates https://www.bitchute.com/video/9qTAtWP7wNRu/

Quote: “Summary news report highlighting the vitally important statements and declarations of large groups of doctors and scientists worldwide demanding a halt to the COVID injections and vaccine mandates causing high numbers of deaths and very severe adverse events or vaccine damage worldwide, and urging parents everywhere to not vaccinate their children. Article: Thousands of Doctors & Scientists Worldwide Call for a Halt to the Unsafe & Toxic COVID Vaccines, for a Halt to Vaccine Mandates, & for Freedom to Practice Medicine & Share Research Without Fear of Censorship–As Medical Boards Issue Unscientific Edicts & Censor Truthtelling Docs / https://everydayconcerned.net/2021/10/25/thousands-of-doctors-scientists-worldwide-call-for-a-halt-to-the-unsafe-toxic-covid-vaccines-for-a-halt-to-vaccine-mandates-for-freedom-to-practice-medicine-share-research-without-fear-of-ce/ All articles referenced in the video from everydayconcerned.net are linked in the article above. PLEASE SHARE THIS NEWS REPORT ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL, VIDEO PLATFORM, EMAIL LISTSERV YOU CAN SO IT REACHES ALL COUNTRIES AND OFFERS LIFESAVING INFORMATION TO ALL BEING FOISTED WRONGFULLY WITH VACCINE MANDATES FOR A CONTROVERSIAL AND TOXIC INJECTION–thank you! LINKS FOR MORE: FREE YOURSELF FROM THE MATRIX OF MORTGAGES, DEBT, AND RIGGED COURTS: Sign in to the Matrix Freedom platform for more information: https://matrixfreedom.life/know-the-biggest-secret/?code=15059&ag=Ramola%20D DETOX NANOTECH and CLEANSE YOUR PINEAL GLAND. Try Clean Slate, Zero-In, and Restore for detox and daily health at this link (which supports this channel): https://therootbrands.com/micmar FIND PRINT/VIDEO CONTENT: Media Site and Magazine: everydayconcerned.net Author website: ramolad.com Ramola D Reports is at Bitchute, Brighteon, Odysee, Live 528, Rumble. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Monthly, SUPPORT MY WORK: Patreon: Patreon.com/RamolaD. Paypal: Paypal.me/RamolaD CONTACT WITH REFERRALS FOR INTERVIEWS, INFO: [email protected]


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