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New information from ‘Chairman Dan’s’ meetings with China shows how ‘obsequious he is toward China’

    Sky News Australia – Oct 4, 2020

    Sky News host Paul Murray says recent information of Daniel Andrews’ meetings with China show the premier “has bared his arse, one and truly, to the Chinese”.

    His comment comes regarding reports from The Age revealing Daniel Andrews has pitched to Beijing that Victoria would become China’s gateway to Australia.

    They lodged a freedom of information request where they asked for key details of what was being said in Daniel Andrews meetings with China, Mr Murray said.

    The information reporters from The Age obtained reveals the Premier said Victoria would become “China’s gateway to Australia”.

    “My government will welcome your participation and do what it can to reveal your success,” Mr Andrews had said to China.

    “In negotiating terms, he bared his arse, one and truly, to the Chinese,” Mr Murray said.

    “He went with a begging bowl to China.

    “Put simply … we call him Chairman Dan because of how obsequious he is toward China.”

    Sky News Australia

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