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Nationalism Socialism was a VERY Good Thing

    The Arcane Pathways – April 24th, 2023

    1 thought on “Nationalism Socialism was a VERY Good Thing”

    1. Hitler returned Germany back to God, driving out the demons from Hell that the jews bring in wherever jews exist, and replaced them with God’s angels.
      Where God is, the devil can’t creep in and destroy life, ruin life, which is what the devil does.
      The jews are bringing the entire world to Lucifer.
      They exist only for that purpose.
      Hitler was Jesus Christ returned.
      That is why the jews HATE him and lie about him so much.
      The jews are all born demonically possessed by demons from Hell, they have no souls.
      They gave “themselves and their children forever” to Satan and killed Jesus Christ for Satan.
      They are forever: Satan’s minions. “His blood be on our hands and our children’s forever”.
      His camps were perfect communities, they were lovely. as the Red Cross visited and documented they were. They had bands and theaters.
      Had he succeeded, all jews would be locked up and not allowed to reproduce until they all died out. Then the world would be a paradise again.
      Which is the proper way, used throught God’s universe.
      Only then could this earth could be reunited with the rest of the universe.
      Stalin was a JEW, he was SATAN, WW2 was a war between Jesus/Hitler and Stalin SATAN, for your souls, for his control of the earth.
      WW2 was won by the jews=the satanists who own the privately owned jewish banks.
      Owned by the adrenochrome addicts who rule this world now.
      Hitler fought against Freemasonry which is jewish controlled and Satanism.
      The winners of ww2 are all in HELL now.
      Hitler is in HEAVEN. He left this earth taken up by Angels to Heaven.
      That is the truth. That is why no one will reveal how he died.
      The coming CBDC’s will all be created by, controlled by and owned by the JEWS, Satan’s minions. For one purpose only: their jew world order.
      When, after full on world genocide of billions in ww3, jews will outnumber gentiles.
      Get ready for CBDC’s, wars, biowarfare, and full on invasion, oppression, repression and the total loss of all human rights especially freedom of religion.
      They will roll out the fake antichrist and his one world religion which will be SATANISM, the religion of the jews. Just Albert Pike (now burning in Hell) laid out in his letter to Mazzini.
      When you welcome in the devil, believe his lies, then they weaken you until they can go in for the kill.
      You have been weakened enough they are going in for the kill next.
      In the end, all the gentiles who served them in Freemasonry will be tortured and skinned alive once they have used up their usefulness. As happens also in all satanic cults at the end.
      What does it profit a man to get all the wealth and power in this world if it is at the cost of his soul?
      Hitler allowed many partial jews to go on if they had souls.
      Only those born of a soulless mother/a jewish woman, or a satanist (illuminati) gentile woman who sold her soul to Satan, are true jews.

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