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VICTORIAN magistrate Dunn’s striking down of a misprision of treason and fraud at common law charges against Victoria’s dictator Dan Andrews at Myrtelford last Friday has set up Andrews and the state government for further court action over illegal changes to Acts of Parliament.

The magistrate was surrounded by police when he made his decision, raising suggestions that police were expecting or seeking to provoke some sort of violent confrontation.

Police also arrested a man at the venue, an act conveniently caught by the 7News clowns who turned up at Myrtelford, no doubt tipped off by the state government who wanted to disrupt and distract from the actual case. The man, Desi Freeman, was later released.

Misprision of treason is the offence of failing to report or concealing treason, which in the case of Victoria refers to the state’s removal of Queen Elizabeth II from the Oath of Allegiance and the removal of the Crown from a Western Australia act that incorporates the Commonwealth and substitutes the governor of the state for the Queen. Read more


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