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My Response To Max Igan – the Skinny on Q(Anon), Trump, and the Genocide-Jab

SonOfEnos Published October 8, 2022

It’s fair to say that Max Igan (aka the Crowhouse) and I don’t see eye to eye on the subjects of Q and Donald Trump. We’ve been having a friendly little back and forth on this issue, so I thought it best to point out a few things that I don’t believe that Igan’s aware of.

I’m hoping to use facts and critical thinking to win him, and anyone else who has drawn an opinion but may not be aware of all the moving pieces.

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1 thought on “My Response To Max Igan – the Skinny on Q(Anon), Trump, and the Genocide-Jab”

  1. I’ve never commented on this site, mostly because I don’t see that anyone else does either – or they don’t post any comments (for some reason). Neither are good. So this first of mine is just to see what happens with it. Do you, Son of Enos get my message or does it just disappear into the ether. I mean, why should I take the time to type out what I want to communicate to you, and only to find that it gets deleted? So say so, if you will, if you read this and I’ll send you the comments you have asked for. Ok. Cheers.

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