Bill Gates Is EVIL – Jan 25, 2022

Senator Ron Johnson is the only member of Congress that cares about the truth that’s being hidden by the Main Stream Media when it comes to the COVID plandemic. OAN, Rumble and Infowars will be one of the few places you can watch the COVID-19 A Second Opinion roundtable symposium in its entirety. Please put time codes for important sections in the comments.

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Elise · 26 January 2022 at 1:56 AM

During the time that covid infections were high and hospitals were flooded with covid patients, I was hospitalized with NON-COVID pneumonia. I was refused, even though I had a history of three heart attacks with blood clots involved, that did not show up on the EKGs UNTIL AFTER I WENT INTO FULL CARDIAC ARREST, I was refused being put on an EKG so that IF I went into cardiac arrest, an alarm would go off and they could get to me in time. The other option to protect me would do have been put me on telemetry, which they also refused to do. I was told that “hospital policy was to ONLY use EKGs AFTER someone goes into complete cardiac arrest.” Also, I have severe nerve damage in one arm and in both hands and wrists, making it nearly impossible to put an IV in my hands and wrists and the one-arm WITHOUT CAUSING ADDITIONAL NERVE DAMAGE. Because of this problem, I need the sonogram machine that shows deeper veins where they can see the deeper veins so that they can insert an IV up above the elbow on the one good arm. I was told that I couldn’t have use of that sonogram machine because, “COVID PATIENTS HAVE PRIORITY. I literally was denied what is considered normal and commonly practiced medical treatment that I needed BECAUSE I DID NOT HAVE COVID. Because of their Hospital policies, I was allowed to lay there with blood pressure at stroke level for two hours, while they jabbed and dug into my arm that they ALREADY KNEW HAD NERVE DAMAGE, CAUSING FURTHER NERVE DAMAGE to that arm.. now I have to go to a hand and arm specialist to see what procedures are available, IF ANY ARE AVAILABLE, to repair what nerve damage there is.

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