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mRNA vaccines turn on switches that cause cancer to grow and spread, says Daniel Nagase, MD

Fat News – March 12th, 2023

“What we are dealing with [regarding the mRNA vaccines]… is [a] premeditated, highly-engineered substance, designed to cause inflammation, and… designed to… turn on all the molecular switches for cancer to grow and spread in your body.” “They looked at four (4) people who died within ten (10) days of taking the mRNA injection.” “One was 23-years-old, another 30, another 31, the last… was 52-years-old.” “A brilliant coroner… took blood samples from these four dead patients.
“He [determined what proteins that these patients were producing.] “The most active proteins in those four (4) people who died… were inflammatory [proteins]. “There where three (3) molecular switches, all related to cancer.” “These switches were all turned on in those four (4) patients who died within ten (10) days of the vaccine.” Daniel Nagase, MD said January 18, 2023 at the “Heroes Take Action” event in Vancouver, Canada.

The full video is posted here:

Dr. Daniel Nagase spoke at the “Heroes Take Action” event that kicked off the Recall David Eby Campaign, Vancouver, January 18, 2023.

David Eby, the unelected Premier of British Columbia, suggests …”the state should be able to involuntarily detain and force treatment on people”…


Will enable the Government to search and seize property of the provider.

Gives unprecedented power to the Health Minister.

The most pertinent details of the Government’s/College’s power are left to be disclosed in future regulations free from debate or oversight.

Mandated medical interventions and forced “mental health assessments” at the behest of the Government.

Allows the Government to dictate arbitrary conditions of licensure and impose restrictions and limitations on the ability to practice in BC.

The Government can order a provider to produce PRIVATE clinical records at any given time.

The Health Minister determines what we are allowed to decline as “informed consent.”

It seems we have moved from regulator to dictator.
Why are BC healthcare providers being treated like criminals?

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