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Miserable AFU Troops Who Live With Corpses Promise To Hang Zelensky

December1991 – December 7th, 2022

2 thoughts on “Miserable AFU Troops Who Live With Corpses Promise To Hang Zelensky”

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  2. Zelensky is not Ukrainian, he does not care about the people of Ukraine,
    He is a traitor who works for Israel against the Ukrainian people.
    He is a satanist and a Jew.
    All gays are satanist and all satanists are psychopaths/sociopaths and have sadistic personality disorder.
    The Ukraine war is a money Laundering operation that is helping to fund Israel’s next big project.
    Turning the Ukraine into BIG ISRAEL.
    The war is a fraud. Russia is in on it.
    They are also run by Israel.
    Russia and Ukraine Zelensky and Putin both jew-yids and work for Organized Jewry, the biggest and Lowest fraudsters and con artists on earth and in Hell, where all jews come from and return to.
    Hell is their real original home land, not Israel.
    The abomination of the desolation is Israel and the Vatican, once Holy places.
    They will both burn to the ground by God’s punishment this year, after a bloodbath.
    “When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.”
    [Matthew 24:15]
    The real purpose of this FAKE war, is to ethnically cleanse Ukraine of all GENTILES.
    That is why Zelensky just put an end to the Catholic Orthodox Church in Ukraine made it illegal and stole all its money and property.
    They have on ambition alone, to Kill off all the Gentile men, forced into becoming soldiers, in the fake war, and also by not giving them weapons or ammo, or any support, freezing and starving them to death, and doing satanic bloody rituals on them, by Israeli troops disguised as Ukrainian NAZI troops.
    They have sent all the women and children over the border so waiting Israelis can kidnap them and sex and child traffic them for Israel,
    which is the originator and hub of global satanic sex trafficking.
    They will make billions doing it with the $$$ satanic America sends.
    They refuse to comply with a audit of their so called “Ukraine war aid”.
    It is a slush fund to rebuild Ukraine, as the new better BIG ISRAEL after the nation that was once the bread basket of Europe, is ethnically cleansed of all gentiles.
    The jews have already announced it.
    They learned a lesson when they ethnically cleansed Israel of all Gentiles after they moved in.
    Anywhere the jew-yids go eventually turns into a desert, because they are of the DEVIL, not of God.
    They need a place like Ukraine to feed off now that they have ruined Israel.
    They got Israel by a con-job the FAKE Holocaust.
    Here is the proof:
    These nasty, filthy, jews have stolen everything they have from gentiles using fraud, cons and wars.
    They brought science and technology to earth from Hell=it all came from the fallen angels the jews serve. In exchange for a supply of babies and children, for them to torture and then drink their blood while they are still alive. The supply comes from the Military, FBI, CIA and Mossad working together since they killed JFK to get it done.
    They also brought in all the drugs, gambling porn and sex trades.
    They make trillions per year off of each one.
    The Jew world order, built all the FEMA camps, for one reason, as Blackrock and Vangaurd buy up all the homes-they are buying whole communities of houses , so when the rigged depression comes, and no on has any food or shelter they will go there for it, to the devil jew’s FEMA camps.
    They want Ukraine as the HUB of the jew world order, they plan to take all the gold and wealth nation by nation and store it in Ukraine and run the antichrists’ Mark of the beast, social credit satanic luciferian system from it. A new great reset money system backed by all the gold they steal in WW3.
    If you go to the FEMA camps, they will require you to accept the Mark of the beast in exchange for food.
    Also required in a contract signature, saying you renounce Jesus and are a servant of Lucifer.
    It will happen in every nation, civil wars to weaken the nations, and concentration camps.
    BUT if you take the mark, the food and shelter will end once you do, and you become the food.
    Every CAMP, world wide is built over a DUMB, that is where the Fallen angels, now REPTILIAN monster aliens live. They can’t be near the sun. They are what vampire legends come from.
    They will eat the flesh and drink the blood of the people in the camps While they are still alive.
    They do not come from Space, they come from below earth in HELL.
    Nukes and missals will come from the satellites the Jew-Yid satanic organized jewry have placed there, not from aliens, who come from the underground tunnels below earth, HELL.
    Read here:
    The holocaust, was a big lie, that gave these satanists the jew-yids all the money and power they now have,. It was a fabricated LIE and CON, and everything they have comes from LIES and Cons and FRAUD. They are of the devil, not of God and they HATE Jesus.
    They also lied about HITLER, They use him as a scapegoat=projecting all their own evil onto him.
    Everything they say about him is true about the jews.
    They want you to HATE Hitler, so that you will go to eternal HELL with them when they go.
    Adolf Hitler was Jesus Christ returned to save us from the devil jews.
    All his inner circle knew that. That is why they hanged them all after making them confess by crushing their balls. It is the secret they do not want to come out.
    Because this year, 2023 before June arrives, all the jews and demonic beings they worship, will be taken back to Hell, actually Hell itself will come and get them, it is so big that it will envelope the entire earth. It is the Black SUN. Once it is gone the gentiles who are left and still have souls having refused the mark of the beast or to worship the antichrist of Big Isreal will be free at long last of all evil and Jesu will make a new heaven and earth, that will be magnificent and beyond any words I could use to describe. The jews have no souls and they are here to destroy all the souls of the gentiles.
    They are satanism. There are many secret societies but they are all one group run and owned by organized jewry with the jew Luciferian Bankers at the top=illuminati-33 dgree masonry.
    Putin and Zelensky and all heads of state the world over are all illuminati 33 degree mason satanists.
    All under the control of organized jewry and the abomination of the desolation Israel.
    Every satanist is an actor playing a role in a giant con game with one ambition: to take all that the gentiles own, in the coming depression and use that to take the last thing they really want, which is your souls, so you will end up in Hell with them, to torture forever. They are sadistic psychopaths, born without souls. They are the enemies of God, our souls and all that is Holy.
    They crucified Jesus Christ. They HATE Jesus and all GENTILES.

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