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    STRANGER THAN FICTION NEWS Published May 6, 2022

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    1. If human beings knew that intelligence is not regurgitation back of how many wrong beliefs and backwards lies and dinifo they are fed, as they are taught in school, they could become intelligent. True intelligence is discernment of the TRUTH. The more intelligent you are, the more truth you know. And no matter how powerful wealthy of supposedly educated people are, the truth is, only those who know the truth and can discern it from the lies, and reject the lies, is intelligent. People who claim the lies they believe and are told to believe, are Truth, are as ridiculously stupid and dark as the satanists are. When people invent lies to make themselves believe the evil they do is good, it becomes a habit. They join the darkness, and death of Lucifer which is all the lies that evil is good. They lose touch forever with the truth and they are total idiots. Lucifer is an idiot liar with his pants on fire to proove it.

    2. God is ultimate intelligence.
      God is all truth.
      There is no truth that God does not know.
      The devil is a liar.
      Once you reject God, you belong to the evil one and will believe all of his lies. You will become a liar and use lies to control and enslave others the same way Lucifer controls and enslaves you. You will make Hell on earth for all those you enslave and control and your ownly power will be to destroy, everything of God, your own soul and all the truth that does exist, forever.
      One lie, or any hate, anything that is not done in heaven but is done in hell, even the belief in the devil’s lies, such as the holocaust lies, will put you on the path to Hell on earth, demonic possession and the eventual destruction of your soul.
      The path to Hell is to stay a part of this age, the Kali Yuga, of darkness/lies/ignorance of any and all truth. It is at its peak of evilness now. The illuminati actually killed the sun.
      The new age of Satya Yuga that will come after the sun dies for 3 days (the 3 days of darkness) is the age of TRUTH. You must be with truth and not lies to get there.
      After 3 days the SUN will resurrect and a beautiful world beyond your comprehension will begin, where there is no darkness or night. And no LIARS.
      As it says in revelation: “Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and unchaste, and murderers, and servers of idols, and every one that loveth and maketh a lie.”
      [Apocalypse (Revelation) 22:15]
      Let these monsters who control the world lie and love their own lies, Musk, Gates, Fauchi, Klaus Schwab, Trump, Obama, Biden Xi, Putin, all the elite scum are destined to eternal Hell, they must put themselves in Hell, which they are doing now. It is the purification.
      Hell itself will come in the form of the thick black darkness of the Black sun, for them, during the 3 days of darkness, the entire earth will be cleansed of all liars and lie believers.
      It is coming soon. People devolving into demons, who are not of God, the elite psychopath satanists who sold their souls for money, power = their desire to control and dominate, put themselves in Hell. There is never enough wealth or power for them. They are empty and hollow as their hollow-cost lies, that cost billions their immortal souls by believing those lies.
      Hitler was Jesus and he tested you. You are so stupid and confused you did not know him.
      Instead you now mistake the devil antichrist demonic soulless minions of Lucifer, for God and worship them. You also now think Jesus is the enemy of your souls. For believing that lie, you have given the devil all power over you as the NWO=Lucifer’s kingdom on earth.
      Hell will come to the earth before Hell as the black sun arrives to take the NWO demonic entities, back to Hell and cleanse the earth of all you loved their lies.
      That is the truth. Goebbels told the truth. He was the minister of truth and enlightenment for Jesus Christ who cam as Hitler to test you.
      Almost all of you will hear him say” “you never knew me”. Because you all prefer the lies of the devil and your own lies to the truth.

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