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    The Marshall Report – March 11, 2021

    Listen to the news on the Director of National Intelligence Report to vet, verify and validate to determine the actions it will take after their internal investigation is completed. If a Manchurian candidate or foreign power has overcome our election it is the duty of the military to remove that person and to place the right person in the office. The military’s first responsibility is to protect the people and restore lawful civilian authorities to control the country. If things are so scrambled they would have to do something different with the election, such as hold a new one. But, that is not the case here. We know President Trump won and won decisively. So the military has to place the person who won back into office. There is a reason Biden has not had access to Airforce I. Listen to the latest update from Juan O Savin.

    The White House is being cleaned out from all the evil that has been done in the underground tunnels. The child and human trafficking is a horror that many have no idea existed.

    GET READY FOR SOME GOOD STUFF TO TAKE PLACE! THE EVIL IN OUR FACE WILL NOT LAST FOREVER. God does not thresh the grain to the point it is useless.

    Have faith and know that God has all of this in his control!



    1. Trump gave the power back to the people . Everyone must get involved at the county level. School boards, town halls, talk to sheriffs will they uphold the constitution against the fed government. Talk to legislators as they are supposed to have power not fed.

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