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Mike Lindell – Absolute Proof Exposing Election Fraud

    davidkrueger Published February 11, 2021

    Rumble — This is the proof! Watch it.


    1 thought on “Mike Lindell – Absolute Proof Exposing Election Fraud”


      Once upon a year so fair,
      There came an enemy unaware,
      It snuck up on us very fast,
      And claimed it would always last.

      Gagged and locked up in our homes,
      In our places of work crept in a nasty dirty syndrome,
      Suffocating day by day, we never dreamed we would be a slave,
      The government soon would tell us how to behave.

      Our economy took a swift nose dive,
      Many people didn’t come out alive,
      The leader who turned all bad things around,
      Now was being told to leave town.

      Under oppression by no leader in sight,
      We began to come back with a fight,
      Many truths have come out about the rich and famous,
      These Things they really shame us.
      Slowly many are waking up to what has been going on,
      Next they will be telling us how to use our phone,
      I want to scream just leave us alone,
      You will be dethroned!

      Many evil, sinister people are trying to take over the world,
      We have been tossed about and swirled,
      They lie and cheat at every turn,
      Their gangs running through the streets yelling burn!

      Their deeds they think they have hidden,
      That nothing from them is forbidden,
      Their evil plans keeping plotting and planning,
      While we kept hearing we are banning.

      Because of this the world is just is one big mess,
      Who will save us from this?
      God has a plan and don’t you forget it,
      He will clean house and your plans He will discredit!

      © Burnett Publishing Company 2021

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