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Melbourne: Coronavirus Checkpoints to Ensure Workers Allowed to Leave Their Homes

    Strict COVID control measures keep track of travelers.

    Paul Joseph Watson | – August 11, 2020

    Image Credits: Twitter/Sydney Watson.

    As part of its strict new lockdown law, authorities in Melbourne have set up highway checkpoints at which residents have their papers scrutinized to ensure they’re allowed to leave their homes.

    Earlier this month, a “state of disaster” was declared in the state of Victoria, imposing an 8pm to 5am curfew on residents, some of whom have faced instances of police brutality for flouting the rules, including one woman who was put in a chokehold for not wearing a mask outside.

    The law is also being enforced via a series of checkpoints to determine if people have a legitimate reason to be traveling.

    “My brother sent me this photo yesterday of a checkpoint he had to go through in Melbourne to make sure he had a WORK PERMIT to leave his house. Police and army there,” tweeted Sydney

    “He was stressing because his permit had an error on it and he didn’t know what the consequences would be.”

    Last week we also highlighted how woman was left with severe bruising after being manhandled by officers in Melbourne for violating the lockdown.

    Police have also been given the power to enter homes without a warrant to carry out compliance spot checks.

    Australia’s neighbor New Zealand also just announced new lockdown measures in response to just 4 new coronavirus cases, all of whom are from the same family.

    As we previously highlighted, authorities in New York also announced COVID checkpoints in an attempt to catch anyone who flouts their 14 day quarantine order.

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