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Mel K Joins Michael Jaco For A Deep State Great Awakening Sit-Rep 3-15-2021

    The Mel K Show Published March 15, 2021

    Mel K joins the great patriot hero Michael Jaco to expose the Deep State lies and their manipulation of human consciousness. A no holds barred truth telling session everyone needs to hear, dig into, and expose. This is the second American Revolution-we have a country to save! Joe and the NWO globalists.. or land of the free home of the brave-you are what makes the difference! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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    Thank you amazing patriots for joining us on this journey, for your support of our work and for your faith in this biblical transition to greatness. God Wins! Power to the People!

    3 thoughts on “Mel K Joins Michael Jaco For A Deep State Great Awakening Sit-Rep 3-15-2021”

    1. I am concerned about Trump promoting the vaccine if it is killing people. There are 19 countries that have banned the vaccine not to mention all of the adverse reactions that go along with it. I am a Trump supporter for sure but this is very concerting!

    2. Most so-called local newspapers are in fact owned by newspaper group publishers, and they call the shots on all their local newspapers. I had to cancel my local paper because it was beginning to make me nauseous to see it morphed into a propaganda machine. The left editorialists are insulting, degrading and hate-filled. Venom, really. It is a waste of time to write opinions for this newspaper. It is trying to make inroads into a pretty conservative area – obvious agenda. But the city next door has caved into it – urbanization usually brings liberalism with it.

    3. Tonia, we have to remember that Trump uses code (there’s masses of evidence for this, and Qanon bears it out). ‘Vaccine’ means ‘Nesara/Gesara’ or the global reset according to the Divine Plan (in contradistinction to the Global Reset of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the rest of the Cabal). So when Trump says he’s organizing the roll-out of the ‘vaccine’, he means he’s organizing the roll-out of the global reset, which as well as a completely just and humane system worldwide in which every country and every citizen will be centred in their own sovereignty, means that treatment for the virus will be switched from vaccines to the completely safe and completely harmless hydroxychloroquine. When this happens, the virus will simply go away, as Trump has always said it will. It’s basically a mild ‘flu that can turn nasty if patients are given the incorrect treatment, which is what (by design) has happened so far. Hydroxychloroquine has actually been officially dubbed a ‘vaccine’ because its effects are as dramatic as a (good and safety-tested) vaccine. This information, where hydroxychloroquine is actually cited as a vaccine, is in widely-circulated medical documents. The reason why Trump is on the face of it going along with the narrative about the harmful vaccines is that so many people are still deep asleep on this issue. The ‘Trump-derangement’ syndrome would become much worse if he was open and literal about what he is telling us via code, and the psychic force of this Trump-derangement (which is, of course, hate) is being used as a manipulative influence by those who know how to direct etheric forces to keep people blind and asleep. Once a sufficient number of people are awake, he won’t have to speak in codes anymore.

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