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Megyn Kelly: People ‘starting to see the truth’ as ‘real awakening’ takes hold

    Sky News Australia – Jan 27, 2022

    Host of The Megyn Kelly Show, Megyn Kelly, says a “real awakening” is taking place where people are being reminded of the value of liberty after widespread lockdowns and the erosion of rights.

    “People are starting to see the truth,” Ms Kelly told Sky News Australia in an exclusive interview.

    “There’s an awakening of sorts going on and not the bad kind like we saw with wokeism.

    “We were locked down and we had our rights taken away – and then you get reminded that liberty is a right.”

    Ms Kelly pointed out businesses, careers, marriages and funerals were lost for the “good of society” but the pandemic situation has changed thanks to COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics.

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