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Masks mandatory in Melbourne from Wednesday night

    The wearing of face masks will be mandatory in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire from Wednesday night, with those failing to comply hit with a $200 fine.

    Source: Natalie Brown July 19, 2020

    The federal government has thrown its support behind an announcement that the wearing of face masks will be mandatory in Victoria’s worst-hit coronavirus areas from 11:59pm on Wednesday night.

    “If you are out of your home for one of the four permitted reasons, then you need to be wearing a mask and I stress – or a face covering,” Premier Daniel Andrews announced Sunday.

    “It need to stress it not be a hospital-grade mask, it not be one of the handmade masks like I was wearing when I came in today. It can be a scarf, it can be a homemade mask.”

    Anyone in Greater Melbourne or Mitchell Shire caught without a mask or face covering will be fined $200.

    Federal health Minister Greg Hunt says Victoria is at the point where masks are now “necessary” in the state and says federal officials “fully and completely support”.

    “It is necessary, and we are sorry that it has reached this point for all those who were affected. But this is about saving lives and protecting lives.”

    He said face masks would not be mandatory across the country and that “at this stage, the medical expert panel hasn’t identified a level such as that in other states and territories”.

    Meanwhile, Mr Andrews said an order of at least 2.5 million masks was on its way to Melbourne, with the “first significant batch” expected to arrive this week.

    He told reporters “common sense” will guide when people need to don a mask, adding the decision had been made on the advice of Victoria’s chief health officer Brett Sutton.

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    6 thoughts on “Masks mandatory in Melbourne from Wednesday night”

    1. Here we go fellow slaves.
      Our OWNERS have mandated that we MUST wear our masks or be spanked on our bottoms with a $200 fine.

    2. Watch the number of infections* soar. People will re-use masks. They’re petri dishes – and now you’re forced to inhale the contaminants.

      * Assuming the virus is real.

    3. Free Advice from G & B Lawyers

      “Free legal advice to all Victorians. Don’t wear a mask. Get a $200 fine then elect to have it determined in Court.
      Every single one of you 6.359 million Victorians can challenge the fines in Court.
      The Victorian Government won’t fight you in Court. It is far too expensive for them to do so.”

      Please support these guys as they have a fundraiser for future lawsuits.… or visit them at

    4. Geniuses at a Target store in the US put a mirror beside a rack of face masks – for people to try on and choose the perfect fit before they buy.

    5. Well, you would certainly want a mask that looks and fits well, and of course you would also want to ensure that it has been thoroughly tested by all the other store patrons before purchasing.
      Wearing the mask also has the added bonus of displaying your enslavement and subjugation.
      I wonder how long before the government sends me my mandated mask?

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