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Martial Law Red Alert: $5.5 Billion For Cops To Be Militarized, Prepared To Hunt Down Unvaxxed

    Stew Peters Network Published July 19, 2022

    Militarizing the police in Australia is becoming the norm, and the USA is sure to follow soon!

    Maria Zeee joins to talk about how New South Whales, Australia has just paid $5.5 BILLION to go towards a “stronger” police force.

    The last time this activity happened, World War 2 was born.

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    1 thought on “Martial Law Red Alert: $5.5 Billion For Cops To Be Militarized, Prepared To Hunt Down Unvaxxed”

    1. Whomever, pushes the VaXXX on others will pend eternity in Hell, with Judas, as they are exactly like them. It is just the final separation of the sheep from the goats. The VaXXX and chips in the body, will end your human soul, change your DNA and make you demonically possessed. So those who push the VaXXX will lose their souls, lose their human DNA, become demons and be demonically possessed by multiple demons. The law of one: you get back what you give. Police work for the devil. They serve satan and all the fallen angels who are now reptilian devils of Hell, and will never know God or his love.
      again. You will see Hell come for all the soulless, all who served the devil. It is a giant black sun with the fire of Hell in it, and looking at it can make you blind, so can the VaXXX.
      When you look at the black sun, it will be the most terrifying and horrible feeling you have ever felt.
      When it comes, the Sun, our Sun, will be gone for 3 days. That will be the end of this age and it will come in 2023. 3/4 of the human race will end up in Hell with the devil, as their slaves.

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