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Many left-wing commentators are trying to ‘protect Andrews from criticism’

    Sky News Australia Aug 14, 2020

    Many left-wing media activists are trying to portray Victoria’s COVID-19 crisis as an example of News Corp media bias rather than the issue of Daniel Andrews’ incompetence, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

    “There is no bigger story this week than the pandemic and its impact in Victoria, and there is no greater focus than the manifest failings of the Victorian government on quarantine, on contact tracing, on failing to accept Defence Force help, on telling infected people they could leave home for exercise, the list goes on,” Mr Kenny said.

    “But many in the leftist media, especially the stuff taxpayers fund, are riding shotgun for the premier.”

    Mr Kenny said many commentators, especially from the ABC and Channel 10’s The Project are disingenuously arguing that News Corp did not criticise the NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard over his handling of the Ruby Princess disaster, the cruse ship responsible for hundreds of COVID-19 cases and 22 deaths.

    “These erroneous claims, complete with the very same graphics of selected headlines, bear an uncanny resemblance to tweets from former prime minister Kevin Rudd,” Mr Kenny said.

    “An embittered, jaundiced, former prime minister who spends his days trying to blame his failings on News Corp, and The Project just packages it up as independent analysis.”

    Sky News Australia

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