bluewater – November 20th, 2022

I´m not treating cancer, If I was treating cancer, I would be doing this every day, twice a day, and then I washed the selenium down with some iodine. Again if you notice, I am taking a drop full. Again I do not count the drops. I´ve been taking Iodine for years and never had a reaction from Iodine. Don’t have toxic accumulation in my thyroid, and don’t have any type of thyroid disease, so I take a nice dosage. It’s very nice because also washes the taste of the selenium which is a little heavy. Very simple, with two droppers in the little water I’ve given myself a very strong treatment. Iodine I recommend of course to everybody. With people who are new taking iodine, I suggest starting with very low doses because people who have thyroid issues should start out very slowly and then build, gradually build. Iodine, I have a chapter on Iodine book talking about as a replacement for antibiotics and even as replacement for vaccines. Dr. Sircus

There are many reasons why Iodine has been forgotten, though hundred years ago it was one of the most popular medicines and you would find in the pharmacy along with medical marijuana. Iodine is incredibly useful, you should not be deficient in it. If you don’t want to have breast cancer, ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer or prostate cancer – all these glands concentrate Iodine , so deficiency in this tissues tells you everything.. Selenium of course is a very mysterious mineral, it’s a vital component in glutathione which is a very important enzyme for removing toxic insults to the cells in the body. There are many selenium proteins. Selenium, when a person is deficient in selenium, cancer rates go up. And there is geographic studies to show that so, this is a very simple way to take very powerful medicine.
Need to take every day…..
Lugols Iodine
200 mcg of Selenium every day..that is the minimum.
Zinc 50 is Zinc Picolinate
Copper as Colloidal Copper..Tony P in Canada makes it. You can make your own, he will teach you in his videos or many vitamins now include copper with zinc since they work together. When you increase Zinc it lowers Copper. When you take Copper it will lower Zinc, so increase both.
This is an Excellent one and you can buy from amazon,vitacost and others
Vitamin C at least 3,000 mg everyday
Despite all the truther doctors that came out with Covid to make the MONEY and promoted by all the charLIE ward tranny club,Freemason Stewey peters,kerry cassidy,nicholas venom, always the same usual CAN NOT BUY glutathione..huge scam..YOUR BODY has to make it
and you take Alpha Lipoic Acid and NAC and Voila….. not buy Now, Dr. Mercola over priced..Merc the perk…. buy Carlson, Life extension,
Alpha Lipoic acid
Alpha Lipoic acid also helps with Neuropathy in feet, hands and shingles..1,600 mg per day
should be taken every day at least 300 mg or 600 mg
Magnesium Chloride..adults need at least 800 mg pills
Lugols Iodine…your breast absorb 80% of the iodine you consume, so you must rub some on your breasts so the rest of the body will get some.
Men rub on your testicles every day so to take care of prostate cancer, UTI and will increase your libido
by increasing your Testosterone naturally without the Medical Mafia and BIG PHARMA.
Lugols Iodine is the #1 way to take out heavy metals.
Every woman who had breast cancer was difficient in Iodine.
If you have no Thyroid..start slow 2 drops a day and work up to 5 drops a day, everyone is different.
YOUR BODY is addicted to the man made drug from your drugpusher…in time wean off your drug slowly and always consume Lugols iodine every day…despite what the know it alls say.
There is no you have to try and experiment but do not stop taking Lugols Iodine as that is the way GOD SOURCE created you and not what some drugpusher from THE MEDICAL MAFIA and BIG PHARMA say or genie decode says.
When your body has enough Vitamin C ..the rest is then made into Hydrogen Peroxide..reason Vitamin C was used to kill Cancer and other problems by Pauling

Lugols Iodine….Iodine is at the top of the list when it comes to mercury removal.



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