STRANGER THAN FICTION NEWS Published July 25, 2022

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jana · 17 August 2022 at 12:07 AM

All this is what Hitler would have saved us from. The plans of the edvil carried out by the ashkenazi and freemasonry.
As long as the Ashkanazi and their freemasonry are part of this world and not kept apart, as long as they control everything in this world.
As long as they win every war to become more and more powerful, expect nothing but death of everything good. Watch everything good be removed and replaced with what is antichrist and jewish.
It is all over now. All the Israel worshiping false Christians who are just morons who believe in a false religion run secretly by the jews from the beginning to make you their servants, who worship the antichrist which is Isreal, you are going to eternal Hell.
All those who hate Hitler and are convinced alll the lies of the ashkenazi about him are true, have fun in Hell also. All who don’t get by now the truth, that everything they lied to you about Hitler is actually the truth about the ashkenazi and the freemasons who serve the ashkenazi, know that you don’s deserve to be in Heaven.
Only those who know the truth are getting to Heaven.
Those idiots who think democracy, the power to the majority means also the truth can be found in the majority opinion, and have no preference for truth over lies, no matter how unpopular, are lost forever.
The city’s water supplies will be poisoned first.
Put out some water for the birds and rabbits, when they start dying, they have poisoned that water too.
The farmers and those in the wilderness have a chance to watch the animals drop and die.
You invited in your enemies, the ashkenazi, the freemasons, and you did it in great False pride.
You did it to yourself. You confused and mistaked the devil for Jesus and Jesus for the Devil.
You refused to ever questions you were wrong, even now more than ever.
You did ask for Gates, and Klaus, when you believed the LIES of ww2 and allowed them, the antichrist ashkenazim-devil, and their freemasonry (minions) take over the world. Now you are all going where those who make such mistakes belong. You have no idea what you lost. He will tell you best when he says to you, “You never knew me”.
You who think you know Jesus are all full of $%#@ if you do not know Hitler was Jesus Christ and had he won WW2, none of this would be happening. It is all on you. You begged for it when you gave the Holy Land of Jesus to the antichrist. You are all proven liars who love lies and who have no truth in them whatsoever.
This test is over. Next, everything and everyone on earth is going to their reward. Bye-bye.

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