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Let The Mayors Know You Have Had Enough

    TimsTruth – May 14th,2023
    Mayor Name you are now on notice, ignorance of the law is no excuse, you can no longer act in good faith, you are now aware of the following: a) The Great Seal of Australia granted 19th September of 1912 was unlawfully removed in 1973 in breach of Act or the M1Crown Office Act 1877. b) Notice Quo Warranto, we are entitled to request proof of authority from anyone claiming it over the people at any time. c) The People are under an indissoluble Federal Commonwealth relying on the blessing of all Mighty God, under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established: (and no other), d) You are now aware of the possible action to be taken against you under the CRIMES ACT 1900 – SECT 192E Fraud 192E Fraud (1) A person who, by any deception, dishonestly–
    (a) obtains property belonging to another, or
    (b) obtains any financial advantage or causes any financial disadvantage, is guilty of the offence of fraud. Maximum penalty–Imprisonment for 10 years
    e) Quick and Garran – page 795, point 1 – Onus of Proof: There is no presumption in favour of the existence of a power; on the contrary; the burden of proof lies on those who assert its existence,
    f) Pirie v Registrar-General [1962] HCA 58 (1962) 109 CLR 619 (30 November 1962)
    g) Absolutely No Implied Consent available from sender
    h) Above the corporate legal obligations, you have a moral obligation to the community you are paid to serve.

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