The Alex Jones Show – May 21, 2022

Alex Jones breaks down how Bill Gates knew about the Monkeypox outbreak and the next global lockdown.

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jbsee · 23 May 2022 at 12:00 AM

They are all one, they have one hive mind, the jews and Fauci is a jew, a morano jew. They are all one mind controlled by Lucifer. If you allow them to do what they want to do to you all with technology, the vaccines, tattoos, the chip in the hand and in the brain you will become one with that Luciferian hive mind. It is all controlled by Lucifer. What they call AI is Lucifer. “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.” John 8:44 They all communicate with one another telepathically. The old testament is the book of the jews. They are not the first humans. They are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. They left God and were mixed with the devil’s DNA. They ‘fell’, they devolved and began to eat the flesh of animals, the fruit of the tree of life= the womb. They are destined only for eternal Hell. All the jews come from Eve. She was only part human, before that people lived as God wanted them to live. They destroyed every civilization they entered into. Their goal is to make you all like them, all jews, the slaves of Satan, Lucifer and all the fallen angels. They are not fathers, they are controllers and destroyers, there is no Love, Peace, kindness, mercy, or forgiveness in them. They hate God and all of those things, especially the truth. They lie and murder like their owner Lucifer. They do not want you to be free. They can only feel Hate, and fear and need total control, they only commit trickery deceit, abuse, cruelty, sadism, and violence. They can only destroy all life around them. They brought the freemasonry which is Lucifer worship, and satanism to earth. They brought the money system to earth to empower themselves, when before we lived as one family, the children of God. They Hate Hitler because he was Jesus. God is testing us. If you can’t recognize the devil and welcome him and serve him, you are not with God. God cast out the devil, just as Jesus cast out the money changers=the jews from his father’s temple. The world was fine until the nations allowed the jews and their money system in, until they allowed these alien beings who have no souls into our society. Since you believe the lies of ww2 from the jews who murdered well over 100,000,000 christians, and welcomed them into your society, the world is now under their complete control, and they are all lying and murdering us. They mean to take us all from God and deny us our birthright, evolution higher into more angelic beings, in the image of God, and a future eternity in Heaven. They will come for us, under Marshall law in a lockdown for fake pandemics and they will use 3 this time. One that kills fast, but is actually from the vaccine, the blood disease from the blood clots, where people go blind and bleed from every orifice. The other a contagious monkeypox, they cooked up as well and put in glass jars and dropped them in cities in crowds. They will fake a children’s plague, maybe coming from the “new batches of baby formula”. During the lockdown they will do horrible things going door to door. Take everything of value, gold silver etc, and your guns and stored food and water. They will take your all children to “quarantine”. They want you all homeless and starving. There is no limit to the evil they will do. They will start a nuclear WW3, and fake civil wars. It will be like Syria dn Shanghai, rolled into one. It is the jews. This is what happens when you do not cast them out. Hitler did not kill one jew. If you killed them, you become like them, a jew yourself. “Thou shalt not kill”. Hitler put them in camps which maintained a high level of basic human needs, and a good standard of living. He did not torture otr kill anyone. He just separated the males from females so they would not reproduce. It was only when the jews took over Germany, and replaced Hitler and Goebbels with dopplegangers, that the whole thing went bad and Dr, Mengele was jew. That is how they won the war. Everything the kjews tell you about Hitler is untrue and is actually true about themselves, they projected all their own evil onto him as a scapegoat for the evil they are only capable of doing. They have no souls, no conscience, they are psychopaths. Do not Hate them or seek revenge on them, or harm them, or you become like them. Do not fear them, if you are 100% with God and 100% not like them=evil, you have NOTHING to fear. God will protect us from the jews. We must all PRAY to God for his intervention. We must all apologize fro allowing evil to take over the earth, for not recognizing the devil and his lies, =repent and ask forgiveness, for it is that which caused all this horror naw taking place. We must end it and stop it from becoming worse, by seeking God’s help. Only he can save us from them now. We must be Christlike and love one another who do have souls and are the children of God, and reject the soulless, godless, jews who have no free will, but can only serve Lucifer.
Have nothing to do with them, if they are a part of our world they will only destroy it. We must stand as one in God against them and do not allow them to destroy us and our world. It is our world. The jews belong to their world which is Hell. If we pray to God to send them all back to where they come from which is Hell, he will do it. He will send his angels to protect us. He will save all those who reject the devil jews and they will never be able to harm us or take our children to make them into adrenochrome ever again. That is why they made the vaccines against Monkeypox, if you take it, you will never be able to pray to God again. Read the truth about them here:
They want you to devolve like they do, into demons and be enslaved to Lucifer for eternity in Hell the same as all jews are totally enslaved in one hive mind of Lucifer.

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