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Law Professor REFUSES to MASK UP or get the JAB – August 20th, 2021

    2 thoughts on “Law Professor REFUSES to MASK UP or get the JAB”

      We are facing mass GENOCIDE
      It is up toe EVERY ONE OF US to take a stand – just as the professor has… NO MATTER WHAT.

      ‘They’ are killing people – it’s just that horrific – it’s just that simple:

      Black Ops is in high gear to smother the truth…
      In this case – Life Saving Truth. What is happening is criminal at the highest levels. Every one of us need step up, speak out… and KEEP FIGHTING BACK – No matter what. Our very existence depends on it. Our children will ask one day – What did YOU do to stop it?

      When I learned of the holocaust and the horrific crimes committed against humanity – while seemingly – the whole world watched… I often questioned HOW ? Just how do you kill MILLIONS of people and nothing is done to stop it. Instead, companies like IBM helped organized the mass exterminations taking place…. this all prior to the computer age. Just imagine what they can do today.  

      IBM knowingly organized all six phases of the Holocaust:

      – Identification
      – Exclusion
      – Confiscation
      – Ghettoization
      – Deportation

      All occurring under the micromanagement of IBM’s CEO, Thomas Watson, Sr., operating from his New York office on Madison Avenue, and later through European subsidiaries.

      Think it can’t happen again???

      Think Again: IBM is Once Again at the Helm of Genocide
      April 2021: Digital passports, are big business for IBM Executives (Executioners)

      IBM closed on a multimillion dollar contract for a German vaccine passport and is in the second phase of a contract with UK’s NIH socialized medicine setup with potentially millions at stake.

      There’s no official contract in New York which is just “testing” IBM’s vaccine passport technology, but the existence of the trial alone would help the tech giant secure international and national vaccine passport contracts.

      The ‘Excelsior Pass’ (EP) launched in New York is to enable businesses to determine whom they can refuse service to by employing IBM’s Digital Health Pass.

      The EP will shape the future of vaccine passports in America… unless we stand against it. It has already launched – time is now critical – make yourself heard NOW.

      It is VITAL to know everything about the EP – as it will shape the future of our freedoms in America, and across the globe.

      The Sociopathic Narcissism, blatantly playing out in plain sight today – Lacking ANY Moral Compass – should stir even the most indolent.

      This heinous pursuit of political & business gains is mind numbing. The elite building elaborate bunkers shooting miles beneath the earth – instead of changing the trajectory of humanity, and MAKING IT BETTER – instead choosing to mass exterminate.


      Godspeed All

    2. I think the guy in the front wearing mask is not really a student, probably was sent to spy on the good professor. Shame on him!!

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