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Landing Gear Wheel Falls Off Boeing Dreamlifter!

    Daniel The Aviation Man – Oct 12, 2022

    On October 11 2022, A Boeing 747-400 Dreamlifter, registration N718BA, performing a flight from Taranto in Italy to Charleston in USA was departing Taranto and shortly after becoming airborne there was smoke coming from the main wheels. One of the main wheels then dropped off the aircraft. The crew continued the departure and the flight across the Atlantic, and landed safely in Charleston about 11 hours after departure.

    The wheel had broken through the airport perimeter fence and was recovered from a vineyard adjacent to the airport. There are luckily no reports of injuries on the ground.

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    1. What, no comments from the author? Ok. I am a licensed A&P. This sort of thing never happens. Period. It got coverage in one of our aircraft news sources and now I see your coverage. I have some ideas but why don’t you start it out with yours.

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