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Kiwi Fruit Tests Positive For Coronavirus

    Lunatic Fringe – Dec 25, 2020

    Backup video on BitChute Below:

    Original video cam be found here:

    ITALY: “Scientists use lateral flow antigen rapid “SARSCoV2 test” on a kiwi fruit. The kiwi fruit is positive. Please note: there are no tests for Covid19. Selling these as “tests” is a global fraud. “The ONLY TEST for live virus is viral culture. PCR & lateral flow DO NOT distinguish live virus. NO TEST OF INFECTION OR INFECTIOUSNESS IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR ROUTINE USE..a person who “tests” positive..may not have an active infection” @bmj_latest

    Let me introduce to you the Italian scientists who tested the kiwi ???? Dr. Mariano Amici, doctor & surgeon

    Dr Stefano Scoglio, Nobel candidate 2018, research director Urbino University

    Domenico d’Angelo. Chemistry expert technician” – this excerpt comes from Robin Monotti

    Lunatic Fringe

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