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Kerryn Phelps Injured By Vax: Claims Doctors Censored

    XYZ | By David Hiscox – December 21, 2022

    What a crazy, extreme right conspiracy theorist. She’s probably the kind of person who will ambush innocent police officers and murder them in cold blood for no reason whatsoever.

    Beware the dark rabbit hole of Telegram, people.

    From nEwS.cOm:

    Former federal MP Dr Kerryn Phelps has revealed she and her wife both suffered serious and ongoing injures from Covid vaccines, while suggesting the true rate of adverse events is far higher than acknowledged due to underreporting and “threats” from medical regulators.

    XYZ News has been making this point for nearly two years.

    In an explosive submission to Parliament’s Long Covid inquiry, the former Australian Medical Association (AMA) president has broken her silence about the “devastating” experience — emerging as the most prominent public health figure in the country to speak up about the taboo subject.

    “This is an issue that I have witnessed first-hand with my wife who suffered a severe neurological reaction to her first Pfizer vaccine within minutes, including burning face and gums, paraesethesiae, and numb hands and feet, while under observation by myself, another doctor and a registered nurse at the time of immunisation,” the 65-year-old said.

    “I continue to observe the devastating effects a year-and-a-half later with the addition of fatigue and additional neurological symptoms including nerve pains, altered sense of smell, visual disturbance and musculoskeletal inflammation. The diagnosis and causation has been confirmed by several specialists who have told me that they have seen ‘a lot’ of patients in a similar situation.”

    “We did a lot of homework before having the vaccine, particularly about choice of vaccine at the time. In asking about adverse side effects, we were told that ‘the worst thing that could happen would be anaphylaxis’ and that severe reactions such as myocarditis and pericarditis were ‘rare’.”

    Dr Phelps revealed she was also diagnosed with a vaccine injury from her second dose of Pfizer in July 2021, “with the diagnosis and causation confirmed by specialist colleagues”.

    “I have had CT pulmonary angiogram, ECG, blood tests, cardiac echogram, transthoracic cardiac stress echo, Holter monitor, blood pressure monitoring and autonomic testing,” she said.

    “In my case the injury resulted in dysautonomia with intermittent fevers and cardiovascular implications including breathlessness, inappropriate sinus tachycardia and blood pressure fluctuations.”

    Dr Phelps said both reactions were reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) “but never followed up”.

    Note that tens of thousands of doctors and nurses in Australia and hundreds of thousands worldwide refused the poison jab and were barred from working as a result. We were told at the time we should “trust the experts”. Yet medical professional professionals, by definition literal experts, who refused the jab were not only ignored, they were censored.

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