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Judaism=Zionism=Satanism EXPOSED! Texe Marrs

    Jim_Crenshaw – October 28th, 2021

    Tex Marrs discusses the Talmud and Zionism.

    1 thought on “Judaism=Zionism=Satanism EXPOSED! Texe Marrs”

    1. The Bible also teaches that the Jews are the chosen -people you can not deny that , however it also says that only 1/3 of the Jews will be saved in tribulation. The Bible also teaches that when Jesus comes he will come on my. Zion and will dwell on earth in Jerusalem and all shall worship there. Many places in the Bible teach that God will save Israel in the end , Jesus says that as long as there’s a sun and a moon Israel will be, now that doesn’t mean all Jews will be save just like Christina’s not all of us gentiles will be saved either. But we can not by pass the fact that the Bible teaches that God chose the Jews for a specific reason and that was to preach about the one and only true God in a world of paganism, yes the failed miserably however are we any better. The apostle were all Jewish the prophets were all Jews so I am thankful for their faithfulness to God that they did what they were told to do. There are faithfuls in all nationality’s God does say those who bless Israel I will bless and those who curse them will be cursed. I think the Jews you are talking about are like the Pharisees and the Sadducees in the bible , and judgement will fall on these so called Zionist just as it will fall on all unbelievers.

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