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    Project Camelot – Feb 13, 2021

    Author, mystery man, special forces?, Q?, JFKjr?  INTERVIEW FRIDAY, FEB 12, 2021 @ 1pm PT. This is a cutting-edge, groundbreaking interview with someone very close to Trump and the team. IF THIS VIDEO DISAPPEARS IT WILL BE FOUND ON MY WEBSITE. MAIN LINK:…​ KERRY CASSIDY PROJECT CAMELOT

    Project Camelot

    1 thought on “JUAN Q SAVIN: INTERVIEW”

    1. Juan,
      You talked all around Kerry’s excellent question but did not answer it. You stated the military needed time to
      vet the report handed to them on jan 19… Kerry’s reply was they had the info before hand (space force or NSA monitored the election and gave Info to Trump, so info was vetted, they obtained it !!)

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