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Jim Caviezel & His Fight For OUR Children

    Serene_Christine – May 31st, 2023

    Please do not download & share flyers from this website 😉

    2 thoughts on “Jim Caviezel & His Fight For OUR Children”

    1. The simple truth is: Satanism is a religion. It is the same religion of the MONEY system run by the Trillionaires who are Luciferians.
      They worship Lucifer, the Satanists worship Satan who is a worshiper and follower of Lucifer.
      That religion is simple: It is the absolute opposite and reverse of the original Catholic religion.
      No one who belongs to that religion at the top, the billionaires, has a soul.
      The purpose of the Catholic religion is to guide you to elevate your souls and achieve becoming worthy of living in Heaven.
      The Satanists’ religion is a guide to destroy and kill your own soul and achieve becoming worthy only of eternity in Hell.
      Once a human has lost its soul, it becomes a home to demonic entities from Hell.
      At the top: the Luciferian trillionaires, the demons that reside in them are the actual original Fallen angels of Hell, the 1/3 of angels that followed Lucifer and ended up in Hell. Once beautiful and creative, they devolved into hideously repulsive and ugly creatures with no creative ability at all. They can only destroy.
      Even the lies they tell are their ability to DESTROY the truth, so they are the best liars.
      If any of you who have souls take the coming Mark of the beast attached to the Luciferian Banker’s CBDCs, you will lose your soul and become infested with demons and break out in sores as demons are always covered with parasites and worms and sores. You will stink like Hell smells which is the smell of the bowels of Satan.
      These monsters are no longer human. No longer one of God’s creations.
      They are sub human entities, with no right to exist outside of Hell.
      If no one on earth were soulless, they could not exist here.
      They created the money system as a way to pay those willing to sell their souls a price: all the wealth and power in the world. Of course that is why we have billionaires. They get money for selling their souls and serving SATAN.
      It is the first people who lost their souls, when they killed Jesus Christ, for Satan, who brought the devils to earth.
      Not just from the time of the crucifixion but from the beginning of human life on earth.
      It has been a battle between these demons and God for your souls ever since.
      Spirit entities such as demons never die, they are already dead, so they can time travel.
      They go from one generation to the next in these family blood lines.
      Do not forget the movie Frazzel Drip, which also is an adrenochrome snuff film.
      Every New York police officer who viewed that film is now dead.
      Anthony Weiner had the film on his laptop as his get out of jail free card.
      It stars his X wife Huma and Hillary.
      Once a person loses or sells his soul, they are actually just human bodies, possessed by the demons of Hell.
      They do only the things they did to destroy their souls that landed them in Hell in the first place.
      Once you lose your soul, there is no going back, no return.
      If you are a Gentile, you have a soul and are born with a guardian angel appointed to you.
      It is your guardian angel that takes you to heaven after you die-they are light and take you to the light, they are Love and take you to God’s love..
      Once you are totally infested by demons, they are a darkness, and Hate, and they take you to that place of darkness and hate, they bring you to Hell after you die.
      Sandlor Levay, (Stanley Levy)who wrote the satanic bible, was heard on his death bead, screaming in horror saying his last words: “No! No! No! It isn’t supposed to be this way”.
      When ‘The Warning’ comes soon, everyone will know which place they will go after death, and they will have 6 weeks to change and save themselves.
      BUT, those who are on their way to eternal Hell, will after ‘The Warning’ be burning for all to see, every billionaire, Bill Klaus, Noah, Soros, Elon, all of them, will be burning with in flames of Hell that cannot be put out, right here on earth for all to see.
      You will see their soulless minions for who they truly are.
      You will see all people as they truly are, no more lies and deceit.
      Others will also feel whatever place they are destined to go.
      Many Miracles will occur and no one will be able to deny Christ, or that God exists and his powers are limitless, infinite and supernatural.
      When they do the adrenochrome ritual it is a recreation of the crucifixion of Jesus.
      A gentile child under the age of 7, they are sinless like Christ. A child under the age of 7 cannot sin and they will not even experience the Warning because they go straight to heaven if they are gentile children. These Children are tortured first like Jesus was tortured and crucified just like Jesus was.
      He received over 5000 lashes with whips with tails of spikes on them.
      He was tortured by having his arms pulled out of their sockets when they nailed him to the cross. The ritual of adrenochrome brings Satan to the earth.
      When it is done the person doing it becomes possessed by Satan or one of the fallen angels.
      The one who has Satan in him all the time is the PINDAR, he does the adrenochrome ritual every night at 3AM. Just as Jesus was Crucified and died at 3PM. The thorns were not a just ring of thorns they were a torture.
      All the high satanic rituals are done at 3AM.
      To rid yourself of the devil, stop worshipping his MONEY.
      Without his ownership of the private jewish Banks the devil would have no power on earth, nothing to give in exchange for SOULS.

    2. I would not be surprised if Russia and China decide to start WW3 on July the 4th, by bombing the US with nuclear ICBMs, on the entire West Coast (hollywood) because that is the day this movie will be released.

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