Sky News Australia – Dec 24, 2021

Hundreds of passengers have had their Christmas plans thrown into disarray after having their flights cancelled at the eleventh hour.

Jetstar and Virgin axed dozens of Christmas Eve services around the country without explanation.

There were 35 flights scrapped between Sydney and Melbourne alone – causing major frustration for passengers already dealing with testing and border pass requirements.

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kevin · 24 December 2021 at 2:50 PM

I am a pro-choice and unvaxxed. Given this, how can I be regarded as being asymptomatic and at the same time be a source of the covid19 virus transmission? Our government is trying to have us all believe that I am an asymptomatic source and transmitter of the virus but I don’t have any symptoms, but I am a source of a virus.?? What does the government use for evidence? Does this mean they just grab and jab anyone they like and simply say, this person is an asymptomatic transmitter but at the same time he or she is a source of the virus?
To my way of thinking, It must a fallacy that this idea of being an asymptomatic transmismitter and that I don’t have symptoms, but I am a source of a virus. How can that be?

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